James Lindsay’s advice about helping your leftist friends find the Woke Breaking Point quoted on Rod Dreher’s blog is excellent.

I once used exactly this method to help a friend who was in an abusive relationship.

It’s hard to reach the woke friends because they tend to be in a deep quarantine, and it’s not a discussion you can have over the phone. But the strategy is great.

8 thoughts on “WBP”

  1. Reading Dreher’s post made me think history was an important school subject – what is studied and how. Would be interesting to see how it’s studied in American schools, and how Israel and US compare. Do you know anything about the former?

    Btw, is there a good and relatively popular, easy to read book on American history you know of? Something relatively light reading, providing the most basic facts foreigners like me are unaware of.


    1. History is a super important subject. It sounds cliched, but it’s very true: those who do not learn the past are doomed to repeat it.


    2. Absolutely! Land of Hope by Wilfred McClay. Beautifully written, erudite, not too overwhelming with details. Excellent book. Unfortunately, this is not how history is taught in US schools.


    3. Paul Johnson’s “A History of The American People”. He’s British and somewhat of a fan of the American Experiment.


  2. Several readers worried about books being banned, so decided to share this Tweet (via Mike):


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