Non-polemic Question

It’s so brutally hot where I am that I’m living the life of an invalid. I stay in bed with dimmed lights. It’s very exhausting.

So here’s a completely non-polemic question because I have no energy for a debate.

Are the rioting, the looting, the breaking of statues, the explosion in the cancel culture, the ideologically motivated firings, the social media blackouts of dissidents impacting how you are going to vote in November?

I don’t mean only the presidential election. I mean every or any contest you can vote in.

If you aren’t in the US, how would you vote?

I sincerely promise not to debate the answers.

46 thoughts on “Non-polemic Question”

  1. I will vote mostly for Democrats. The exception is that I will likely vote for the Green Party candidate in at least one statewide election. The candidates are not all determined, so I am not sure which offices. In 2018, I voted only for the Green candidate for State Treasurer.


  2. Nope. Still voting Democrat, i.e., for the lesser of two evils. RE: The presidential race: Biden is such a bad candidate, in part because of his cognitive decline, that I almost miss Hillary. I think almost any of the other Democrats that were on the debate stages in early 2020 would be better than Biden (except De Blasio and Delaney).


  3. I have identified as strongly liberal for the 20 years that I have lived in the United States. For the first time in my life, I am considering voting Republican. I still don’t know if I’ll go through with it, but I cannot possibly bring myself to vote for the democratic party this year.

    If my family and friends find out, I’d be a pariah. But I cannot take this atmosphere of fear any more — the constant fear-mongering about covid, the constant fear of liking the wrong thing on social media, the constant fear of being cancelled if something I say departs even mildly from the most fashionable doctrine, whatever that is at the moment.

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    1. I’m totally with you, ABC. Never thought this would happen, and I’d be damned if I suspected it could go this way even a couple of years ago but yes. This is where we are.

      Thank you for the comment. I feel less alone now.

      I want to add that nobody should be afraid of sharing who they vote on this blog. We aren’t going to be a place that hounds people.


    2. I tried to make this comment 15 minutes ago, but it got lost 😦

      I have been thinking lately that the excesses you describe are probably exacerbated by Trump’s actions and the Republicans in Congress not standing up to him. The liberals in academia, etc. are disgusted by that behavior and feel powerless to do anything to stop it, so they go way over the line in the other direction in everything they do have power over.

      I know things have been headed that way for at least the last decade. That may have been, counterintuitively, accelerated by the Republicans being in control of most of the government.


      1. Also because of how extreme many of these liberals in academia have become and their brainwashed students who are often rotten spoiled brats who do not understand the good life they have.


  4. “Are the rioting, the looting, the breaking of statues…impacting how you are going to vote in November?”

    No. I always vote Republican, unless a specific Republican candidate is absolutely unacceptable. In that case, I leave that part of the ballot blank.

    Although I disagree with the Republican position on a few issues that I consider secondary, the overall arching moderately conservative Republican policy positions are always preferable to the overall lefty Democratic policies, so it’s always been an easy choice for me.

    Besides, the Democrats keep getting steadily worse, and this year they’ve really gone full-bore crazy.


  5. I still plan on voting for the Libertarian candidate, Jo Jorgenson, in November. The practical implication of the rioting for me is that it establishes the left as the greater clear and present danger for me. This might convince me to vote for some down-ballot Republicans. I no longer see much of a point in trying to convince those on the left that I am also against Trump for most of the same reasons they are or that police need to be reigned in. The left is no longer interested in reaching to cooperate with those coming from different ideological perspectives.


  6. I will vote Trump as I lean conservative and feel the Democratic party is at the mercy of the extreme totalitarian leftists right now. I vote Republican at the local level as I am in New York state which is very liberal.

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  7. I lost faith that voting is going to make things better. It only took about twenty years and considering my first election, that’s saying something.

    The bums need to be thrown out. As for the state government, they completely have fallen down in their handling of the massive unemployment and the covid crisis so they need to be thrown out too. Less clear to me are the judicial retention and the county offices that are up for election in August.

    I may actually spend more time focusing on these elections. 🙂

    My county just made mask wearing mandatory inside of all businesses effective 5 pm today.


  8. Has it changed…? Not sure yet. Libertarian-leaning independent, have voted Green, Constitution party, Democrat, and Republican in the past, write-in for president in 2016. This year? Probably straight Republican ticket, much as I hate to do that. The R side is disappointingly spineless, but the D side is dangerous. Not much of a choice, really. I was prepared to vote Trump enthusiastically this year: I’ve been pleasantly surprised by his judicial appointments and his maneuverings on international trade, and border enforcement has directly helped lots of people I know, by cutting off the flood of cheap illegal labor. It was noticeable, in my area and among my peers. Right up until the quarantine.

    Now? Now I will vote for him because the other side is f*****g terrifying. But I seriously wish there was some other option. Why are our duly elected officials sitting around picking their noses while the left tries to have a revolution? WTF? I really hope they’ve got a plan . I mean, I can see this being an “enough rope to hang themselves” strategy– let the rioters keep going until the left’s credibility is blown all to hell, then send the troops in to restore order and be big damn heroes. But I’m just not seeing it. We’re doing great at the state level. Happy with our R governor. Federal level looks like a troop of escaped circus monkeys.

    But, you know, Biden seems really old and infirm. If he dies and the candidate field cannibalize each other and somehow Tulsi Gabbard ends up being the D candidate, I might vote for her. She’s the only Democrat who isn’t ashamed of being American.


  9. It’s so brutally hot where I am that I’m living the life of an invalid. I stay in bed with dimmed lights. It’s very exhausting.
    checks weather

    Did your air conditioner conk out?
    Have you checked your blood pressure or your temperature recently? What about your water intake?


    1. No, the AC is fine. I’m a hereditary blood pressure sufferer so it’s not shocking that I’m out of sorts but N isn’t a BP patient. And even he’s been woozy all day.

      This is going to be an exceptionally hot summer. Anybody who’s even slightly at risk for BP will have a bad time. :-(((


  10. Overall, this pushes me away from Dems, but not in a way that’s likely to make much difference in November.

    Before any of the protests and riots happened, I was planning on voting third party for president but was keeping an open mind. And I realized that even beyond this, I am now a swing voter in federal elections, after being a pretty consistent Dem my entire life. Weird feeling! After all this nonsense, I guess I’m still in the same place for this election, but with greater disgust both for liberals and for Trump. Trump has made every effort to inflame tensions, just about the most awful person we could’ve had as president through all this. Quoting from Tucker, “Vince Coglianese of ‘The Daily Caller’…asked the president why he hasn’t sent federal troops to stop the chaos in cities like Seattle. Here’s what the president answered ‘Right now, I think it’s great sitting back and watching this catastrophe.'” Pathetic and awful! On the other hand, electing Biden would make these people feel like they won. Would this mollify them or energize them? Also, his VP will be the real president; who will he choose?

    I understand the impulse to elect Republicans to “stop this!” However, we already tried that and things ramped up. Culture wars are not won in the ballot box, and electing a right wing culture warrior to the presidency made things worse, not better. For me, the central question in November is does electing Biden calm the totalitarians, or does it embolden them? Many people I know think it would calm things down, and if the polls are anything to go by, a majority of voters agree. I felt this way very early on in the riots, but now I’m not so sure. In the end, I think we’re fucked either way. I care about elections, but we’re gonna have to do than vote to tackle this.


    1. While it doesn’t really matter who I write in, right now I’m thinking I either vote for the American Solidarity Party or I write in Sherrod Brown. Hell, I could write in Tucker Carlson!


      1. Tucker should totally run in 2024. Why isn’t it possible to have an actual politician who is this reasonable and speaks to what one care about?


          1. I like Hawley, and I’d love to see him run. My dream ticket would be him and Senator Lankford from Oklahoma.

            But I might be just as excited if they got Sarah Sanders on the ticket– I have never liked watching WH pressers before her… but every time she was on screen I wanted her to be my BFF. Sorry to see her go, though I understand it’s a pretty thankless and awful job, and Snark Barbie is also pretty great to watch. I would love to see the 2024 pool include Hawley, Lankford, Sanders, and maybe even that Grenell guy… they all seem like real people. Not sock puppets.


              1. She means Sarah Sanders, the second or third WHPS with the expert eye makeup. AFAICT, methylethyl isn’t there for any of Bernie Sanders’ policies or persona.

                Though I’m a little surprised this group isn’t salivating over the idea of President Tom Cotton.


              2. If there’s anybody interesting – and hopefully not ancient – that might run on the Dem side, let’s discuss them, too. But do they exist?


              3. She is a really impressive person. Very professional. And Kayleigh McEnany! What an impressive person, as well! There’s a lot of talent out there.


              4. Ok, that makes more sense. He seemed like a non sequitur considering the rest of the list


        1. WOW, you like Tucker!? Seriously, be careful regarding who sees this blog since you are a professor, some in academia would want to take your head off for that!


          1. Like?? LIKE??? I’m such a huge fan that my kid makes fun of me about it.

            Tucker is a national treasure. The best journalist in the country. (Kevin Williamson is second). And everybody who doesn’t understand this is an idiot.


    2. Would have to disagree with part of this. Part of the reason, IMO, why Trump has “inflamed tensions” is because so many (not all) on the Left have been so vicious and mean to conservatives over the years that there is no being diplomatic with them. They will hate you regardless. For years, Republican politicians just sat back and took it. So the base, sick of this, put in the guy who not only fights back, but fights back so ferociously that he actually can overwhelm the Leftists. However, this doesn’t stop the Leftists from continuing to fight, so all-out war erupts.

      We had (IMO) a very polite president with George W. Bush. He did many things people disagreed with, but he was a nice guy, and many even argued that he was just stupid and it was Dick Cheney who was the real master behind the scenes. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop massive hatred of the man. So the conservative base went with the most lewd, crude, rude guy they could when he appeared.

      As for Trump sending in troops to stop the chaos in cities like Seattle, he DID say he wanted to do that. And the media then lied and even many generals lied and said he was threatening to send in federal troops to stop the peaceful protests when that was not at all what he said (he said the violence was distracting from the peaceful protests).

      I do not believe that electing Biden will calm the rioters, I think if anything it will only embolden them. They will feel that they are now winning for real. Their behavior is not all because of the Orange Man in the White House. I also do not believe the polls right now. A huge amount of people are not going to admit to not supporting Biden and/or supporting Trump or not supporting Black Lives Matter in this current environment. My opinion anyway.


      1. Bush may have been a very polite man, but he started the Iraq War and was generally a terrible president. He deserved all the hate he got, and it’s shameful that some liberals are now nostalgic for his presidency just because he’s “nice.” Donald Trump, for all his flaws, is a better president than he was.

        I’m also not sure what world you’re living in where the right was not also pointlessly nasty to Democrats and the left during that same time period. To some degree this is just the nature of politics. Partisanship has also increased over the years on both sides. Now the left is far more venomous than the right, but this wasn’t always the case. Personally, I do not recall it being the case anytime before 2015. I think each side is often blind to its own flaws. Much of the time, flaws people ascribe to their political opponents are actually equally prevalent on both sides of the aisle.


        1. I agree that Trump is a better president, but I do not agree that Bush was a terrible president nor that he was deserving of all the hate he got. The Left has been particularly venomous IMO for a long time before Trump. That is part of what drove Trump’s rise (IMO). But yes the Right has plenty of hate nonetheless. Maybe it is just less visible because the Left controls a lot more of the culture (Hollywood, media, etc…).


      2. As for not believing in the polls, I may agree, though I don’t think the “shy voter” phenomenon is why. I think the polls show that people disapprove of Trump right now. This does not necessarly translate into a win for Joe Biden in November.


  11. Second comment, because my first one was getting too long. National politics have very little effect on my local and state level voting, so this isn’t affecting this stuff that much. I thought it was stupid when people voted Dem on the local level because they hate Trump, and I think the reverse is also a bit silly. For the state legislature, there is pretty much nothing that could make me vote GOP, and my rep is running unopposed anyway. For local elections, my priority is booting out corrupt political dynasties. I’m beyond ecstatic to get rid of our county prosecutor and a number of judges (all Republican.)

    Altogether, I plan to vote in nonpartisan manner in local judicial elections (though Dems will have an edge for the previously mentioned reason), and I’ll mostly vote for Dems for county office. However, all this may inspire me to vote Republican for sheriff. I was already considering it because the incumbent sheriff, a conservative Democrat who I’m fond of, was screwed over by the county party and primaried out by a very shady seeming progressive (who was endorsed by the party.) It’s sad, because I really do want criminal justice reform (I’m more liberal on this issue than you), and the Republican candidate sucks. But in this political climate, I don’t trust that the Dem candidate won’t go totally crazy with it. I suspect violence will be rising, so I do need someone who will address this. Again, our incumbent would’ve been the best choice here: reform minded and compassionate, as well as sensible and trustworthy.


  12. As a non-American, I cannot surely say whom I would’ve voted for in local elections since it would depend on the state and the functioning of elected politicians.

    Re Israeli politics and approaching elections: My natural inclination is to vote for experienced politicians who have skills to do the job, even if I disagree with them on quite a few issues. That’s why I’ve been steadily voting for Netanyahu and the Likud in Israel. It’s the only party that is not extremely right wing and has the ability to win elections – “officially the Likud – National Liberal Movement, is a centre-right to right-wing political party.”

    The other biggest party in the last elections was Blue and White, “a centrist and liberal political alliance.” It would probably look like a new and promising force to American readers since it even managed to win one seat more than the Likud and would seem to be more ‘pro-peace’. However, as an experienced Israeli I knew it would fail soon and it did even faster that I expected:

    “The alliance split on 29 March 2020, with the Israel Resilience Party keeping the name Blue and White. […] On 20 April, a coalition deal was signed with Likud, in which Netanyahu would serve first as prime minister, and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz would serve as prime minister starting October 2021, as well as giving the party ministerial portfolios such as defense ministers and foreign minister.”

    Obviously, Netanyahu has no intention to let Gantz, a marionette in Netanyahu’s government, become a prime minister. We’ll soon have yet another elections in Israel and I am sick of it, but don’t have any good choices.

    If somebody is interested, even GLOBES wrote:

    Four signs Israel could be facing another election


  13. “It’s so brutally hot where I am..”

    Come on, the hottest temperature in Illinois today was only 86 degrees at its peak!

    It got up to 110 degrees in Arizona this afternoon, and now well after dark, it’s still a soothing, soul-warming 91 degrees in the waxing crescent moon shining down through the clear desert night sky onto my patio.

    You and N really ought to move to Arizona for your health.


  14. When I voted I was always registered independent.
    can’t imagine voting for a senile old man who doesn’t know what day or month or year it is… that’s a de facto vote for government by a coterie of unelected vox writers (if that idea doesn’t make your blood run cold…. brrrrrrrrr)

    So if it were Trump / Biden it would be Trump (despite vast personal distaste). He may not really be fully in charge but he’s a lot more… present than Biden (presuming they can keep Biden functional in public enough to last until the general – though I have a suspicion that isn’t even the strategy and he’s a placeholder until the power players pick someone to roll out at the convention – is there a convention this year?)
    If it’s not Biden it would depend on who it was… I can imagine democrats I would vote for but I can’t imagine the power players ever picking them…

    Everything else depends on the candidate – issue. Like I said, registered independent – life’s too short to get too attached to any one party.


  15. Re American elections:

    I would not vote for Trump since him saying “I think it’s great sitting back and watching this catastrophe” (heard it on Tucker and it stood out to me too like it did to Demotrash) shows how much he cares about the entire country. And it was just one example. A President should not have such worldview.

    However, I also wouldn’t vote for Biden. Think Tucker is right when he says somebody powerful (and unelected and probably hidden from voters) in the Democratic party would be the one being the actual President. Do you know who will be this person? Are you sure it’ll be a vice president Biden picks? How will he use the current protests to preserve his power in the party?

    You know, this all is unimportant. The crucial thing is the following: just as some old-fashioned Republicans talked how Trump’s victory was pyrrhic for the Republican party, I am afraid Biden would do the same for the Democratic party … and for America in general.

    Just on the level of feelings, I feel angry and disgusted by the mere thought of voting for a senile pensioner to represent the most powerful country of the world. It is a sign of society in decline, of America’s most powerful institutions rotting from the inside out. He is supposed to go abroad, to negotiate with Saudis, Putin, Iran, China and so on. Will Biden send a deputy instead every time? Will he not pick a phone even once? How will foreign powers look at such a President? It is much more dangerous than those protests imo. You know, I am wrong, the institutional decay was what led to those riots and let them spread.

    Somebody must start talking about that publicly and I don’t see how voting for Biden will help that.

    America is our major ally and I do not want it to become the laughingstock of the world.

    I thought people here would be interested in discussing the problems within the Democratic party which may explain why politicians seem to ignore reality, but nobody noticed. Is this unimportant? Just in case somebody missed, link again:

    ” all this is happening among people whose profession is it to analyze data and figure out how to use it to help Democratic candidates win power. These ideologues are silencing voices from within their own circles who are saying things that they don’t want to hear. This is straight-up Soviet. Is this person suppressing data, or her own analysis, to suit woke ideological goals? Remember, Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump in part because of her flawed data analysis.
    Since Jonathan Chait first started writing about the Shor controversy, Walter said, a number of Democratic Party donors and campaign managers have begun inundating campaign professionals with e-mails and phone calls. They are afraid that the accurate numbers and analysis that they’re paying for, and that they depend on, are being distorted for ideological reasons.”


    1. Here’s an interesting thing. Bernie had massive support. Then he veered away from every constituency and start repeating everything after the faction that’s trashing cities right now.

      Voters moved away from Bernie to Biden because he seemed unlikely to have anything to do with these people.

      Biden won and immediately ditched every constituency in favor of the small crazy faction.

      There’s not a single person in the party with any prominence who isn’t painfully, slavishly subservient to this small faction. This is the main problem. Biden, not Biden, who cares. There’s no alternative because nobody among the Democrats will ever do anything but pander to the radical wing.

      Republicans are absolutely not planning to do anything to stop the crazed crowds. The best we can hope for from them is that they won’t egg the crazies on and justify them.

      Why the whole society is so paralyzed with fear that nobody dares to say that these are bad, worthless, nasty people I will never understand.


      1. // The best we can hope for from them is that they won’t egg the crazies on and justify them.

        I have a suspicion Republicans are absolutely going to egg the crazies on, thinking it’ll bring them electoral benefits – flipping blue states and strengthening their hold on red ones.

        Obviously, the method of egging on will be different from the Democratic one.

        What are Trump’s empty threats of violence if not egging on?

        Nothing unites and eggs on as an enemy figure, with Trump playing this role perfectly.

        Democrats, on the other hand, could use their victory to calm things down and bring order by presenting themselves as friends ready for negotiations, aka listening to ‘the people.’


        1. By this logic, the existence of anybody who disagrees with them is egging them on.

          But I don’t believe in expanding concepts until they lose all meaning.

          I don’t believe that Democrats can calm things down. They can’t give the mob what the mob wants. Nobody has it to give. Bullies can’t be controlled by pandering.


  16. If you or other readers have energy for a debate in the future, I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts, why you disagree and with what.


  17. // Tucker is a national treasure. The best journalist in the country. (Kevin Williamson is second). And everybody who doesn’t understand this is an idiot.

    And you never mentioned Kevin till now … / runs to check


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