Raheem Kassam Banned

Raheem Kassam was banned on Twitter for linking a headline about the recent terrorist attack in the UK.

He’s one of many prominent dissident accounts banned in recent days.

Nobody will be allowed to speak.

12 thoughts on “Raheem Kassam Banned”

    1. People have tried but there’s been too many at this point. I’m only posting about 2% of all such cases I come across. And I don’t spend that much time on social media.


  1. “Nobody will be allowed to speak.”

    I suppose you meant that nobody will be allowed to speak their mind freely without fear of consequences or suppression of their public speech. And yes, you are right.


  2. After destroying monuments, could this be the next target?

    “As calls grow to remove controversial monuments and statues across the country, South Dakota
    Governor Kristi Noem vows to protect Mount Rushmore on ‘Fox and Friends.’ “


  3. Is it some new incident or the one from couple days ago? In the latter case, it was reported by BBC and a number of American media, since one of the victims was American. The attacker was a Libyan by the name Khairi Saadallah… So I am not sure if “in a vicinity of BLM protest” is a meaningful connection or artificial one. Not an excuse to permanently ban one from twitter, though.


    1. The connection is that “while people are trashing cities over imaginary offenses in another continent, here’s a terror attack that nobody is going to protest.”


  4. Rod just published an inside scoop on what happened in David Shor’s case:

    “Earlier this month, David Shor, a highly regarded young Democratic data analyst who once worked for President Obama made a problematic tweet. Citing historical research by the black Princeton social scientist Omar Wasow, Shor contended that protesting racism nonviolently helps Democratic candidates, but doing so violently helps Republicans. ”



    1. I’ve been reading about David Shor and turns out it may not ne only about him but a part of an explanation for failed strategies of Democratic politicians:

      // Remember, Progressphiles isn’t just a list of Democratic Party randos; these are the people who make the party and its institutional allies work. Since Jonathan Chait first started writing about the Shor controversy, Walter said, a number of Democratic Party donors and campaign managers have begun inundating campaign professionals with e-mails and phone calls. They are afraid that the accurate numbers and analysis that they’re paying for, and that they depend on, are being distorted for ideological reasons.

      “This is all happening because these hard left women have taken over the list,” said Walter.

      Why did Walter reach out to me, of all people? He reads this blog, and said he wanted me to see that there are people on that list who do not falsify numbers to suit political goals, and who pushed back on the list against fellow Democrats who want to ignore or dismiss data that challenge their biases. “I also want to reassure you and your readers that not all progressives are like this, that many of us are fair minded liberals and social democrats,” he said. “Even if we disagree on some things, we are not the political officers coming to take you to reeducation camps.”



  5. After the statues it will be the turn of artifacts in museums. Since the vast majority of such items are from Europe, as a European I feel more than saddened: it is bad enough that they should be kept across the ocean, but now there is a very high risk that they may be irretrievably lost forever.

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  6. Israel has also had some riots recently. The author of this piece is very Left wing, so he definitely isn’t the one who wants to present Arabs in bad light (Jaffa is the southern and oldest part of Tel Aviv–Yafo):

    The lie behind the Jaffa riots
    Opinion: Days of unrest swept the mixed Jewish-Arab city over the municipality’s alleged plan to begin construction over land that used to be Muslim cemetery, but the graveyard in question was relocated a century ago



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