What Not to Like

Mike McCullough, a physics professor who writes online about physics, is being formally investigated by his university for liking some tweets. Somebody compiled a list and send it to the university. And the administration feels compelled to investigate.

Once again, Mike didn’t write anything controversial himself. He liked some tweets.

9 thoughts on “What Not to Like”

  1. Is there an article or Twitter post anywhere I can link to for that? Or is this through-the-grapevine personal intel? I’ve poked around, but haven’t found anything outside your blog.


        1. I am trying to convince liberal friends– good, well-meaning people, who happen to live in a crazy university-town information bubble– that this is a real thing. It doesn’t even cross their radar, apparently.

          Yeah, I know it’s probably hopeless. Gotta try anyway.


          1. It’s great that you are trying. I very much admire you for it. I have given up on even trying because I don’t have the patience or the kindness to do it.


          2. As a leftist university professor, I do understand that this is a real thing. Too many liberals simply don’t realize that limitations on freedom of speech and inquiry could one day, in the future, silence their own viewpoints. Doesn’t anyone remember McCarthyism? One of the more disturbing things is that far too many of the SJWs aren’t interested in changing people’s minds and appear not to accept the possibility that people can change their views over time. This is apparent in cancel culture–your apology is never enough and you should be cancelled.

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            1. In other words: “The life you save may be your own”

              But why is it only important if it could potentially whip around and nab YOU? Why isn’t it important when it’s clobbering other people?


              1. It IS important to me that it’s clobbering other people; I’m against it when it happens to anyone, both as a general principle and a strategic one.

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  2. This is a major concerning trend now, effecting a lot of different professions–librarians, social workers, elementary school teachers, for example. They’re being called out for opinions expressed on their own private social accounts–none inflammatory.


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