Desirable Read

“A group of strangers is stranded in a remote cabin when a great snowstorm…” said a promotional blurb for a book I glimpsed at the bookstore.

I bought it immediately, not caring about the genre, the author, or anything but the knowledge that there would be lengthy descriptions of snow in the book.

The bookstore could make a packet if somebody removed the irrelevant and annoying piles of books about beaches and strategically placed every book about winter that the store has.

4 thoughts on “Desirable Read”

  1. Have you ever read “Smilla’s Sense of Snow”? It has tons of winter weather, stuff about the beauty of ice and snow and the joys of playing outside in the cold.


    1. “Smilla’s Sense of Snow”

      Interestingly enough that’s only the American title. The first translation into English “Miss Smilla’s feeling for snow” was much more faithful to the original Danish title (which sounded a little awkward in Danish perhaps mimicking non-native Greenlander usage?)

      I first read the American version (I’m not sure if it was a separate translation or a thorough reworking of the first British translation) and later came across a British edition and it was full of weird British expressions… ‘happy as a clam’ was ‘happy as a sandboy’…. what?

      An old movie set in an icy post civilizational world is Quintet (link below). It’s generally regarded as one of Altman’s worst but I enjoyed it….

      And one of Altman’s greatest movies McCabe and Mrs Miller is set in the chilly Pacific Northwest and the final half our or so is all in the snow…


  2. Have you read Primo Levi’s novel, “If Not Now, When?” I remember reading it during a stifling hot summer in an un-air-conditioned apartment in Chicago. I was immersed in it one afternoon when some friends stopped by and buzzed my apartment. When I let them in, I was startled to realize that it was mid-summer and HOT — the book had completely sucked me in to its depiction of a freezing winter in Poland.


  3. I recommend “The Midwifes” for a good snow storm. I’m the opposite. Love summer and heat. I will watch an occasional episode of Lost in winter just to see warm weather.


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