More People

Klara is extremely interested in pipes, plumbing, electricity, and water supply. I constantly have to explain how all of this works.

Today she spotted a small ancient water tower, and I had to explain that the town grew over the years and now needs a larger one.

“Isn’t it great?” I gushed. “More friends to play with, more restaurants, more stores!”

“More viruses,” Klara retorted with the perfect small-town scorn.

6 thoughts on “More People”

  1. My 5yo is IN LOVE with this book, in case she might be interested:

    It is big, and has tons of intricate drawings, and tons of little flaps and things, where you can look and see what’s inside, or what’s underground: utilities, pipes, piers, machinery… it’s great.


      1. 🙂 I hope she likes it! This is the book 5yo likes best to look at in bed, or riding in the car. His brother likes it too, but he’s a few years older, and now we scour the thrift stores for manuals and geeky books with schematics. It doesn’t even matter what the subject is– his favorite thing we ever found at the library was this giant coffee-table book with schematics of WWII airplanes. He tried to build one from the drawings. We also buy plumbing and carpentry manuals, and DIY home improvement books, because they have lots of intricate drawings of how things are put together. He loves all that stuff. And I love that he loves it.


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