Susie Steiner Rocks

Folks, remember Susie Steiner, the author of the Manon Bradshaw series I gushed about a couple of years ago? Steiner released a new novel in the series (the third one)!

Yes, these are police procedurals but whatever. The books are so well-written and absolutely hilarious. Steiner’s very British sense of humor has had me wriggling on the carpet (I was reading while putting Klara to bed) for the past 40 minutes.

The first book in the series was about the protagonist hitting the age of 39 and realizing she urgently needs a husband and a baby. It was so good, and realistic, and funny, and once again good.

The second novel I vaguely remember being about her actually having a baby but Amazon stole that book from my Kindle and I can’t reread to make sure.

In the most recent novel, Manon is now 46 and is having a midlife crisis. And it’s funny and bitter as all hell at the same time.

I have interrupted my reading to give my muscles a rest because I can’t laugh so much without taking a break.

If you are a woman and you don’t enjoy the Manon novels, I’m not sure you are really a woman. Unless you have extremely refined artistic sensibilities and you only read high art type of books. I don’t think I’ve ever met a man who’d enjoy them, although that would be interesting to see.

Is There Food?

I cook everything from scratch always. I fantasize about the process of cooking like other people do about shopping or lounging on the beach. I live like I constantly expect a bunch of hungry guests to appear on my doorstep. I have two spice cabinets filled to capacity and a pantry that’s bigger than my apartment at Cornell.

But still my husband regularly asks with a sad expression of somebody who has no idea what Ukrainian women are all about,

“Is there any food?”


“Klarochka, do you want a bit of this strawberry and mango pie I made?”

“Yes, mommy, I would love some. In fact, I’d like a huge slice because you are such an amazing cook.”

Curiously, I have to talk her into eating pie but never into eating vegetable soup. That’s something she devours by the bucketful. Of course, my vegetable soup is hardcore good.

Isn’t it hilarious, though, that such a small kid says “in fact”?


My colleagues are stunned by the eagerness of the administration to let us teach everything online in the next academic year.

“They are letting us move our entire program online!” they exclaim happily. “I expected them to resist but they were actually happy to do it!”

Yes, it’s absolutely unbelievable that the goals of neoliberal austerity are so eagerly accommodated by college administrators. Who could have possibly anticipated such a shocking development.

Good News

Remember Mike McCulloch? The UK physicist whose university was investigating him for his Twitter likes?

The university dropped the investigation. So many people spoke out against the madness that the university had to listen to reason.

Good news! My university has just dropped their investigation into my twitter ‘likes’. Thank you to all those, some v high-up, who helped. It may not be the end of the struggle, as I will continue to speak openly on twitter, but the first battle has been won #freespeech #inreach

Remember, there are more of us than them. Together we win.