Good News

Remember Mike McCulloch? The UK physicist whose university was investigating him for his Twitter likes?

The university dropped the investigation. So many people spoke out against the madness that the university had to listen to reason.

Good news! My university has just dropped their investigation into my twitter ‘likes’. Thank you to all those, some v high-up, who helped. It may not be the end of the struggle, as I will continue to speak openly on twitter, but the first battle has been won #freespeech #inreach

Remember, there are more of us than them. Together we win.

16 thoughts on “Good News”

  1. ” many people spoke out against the madness”

    Like all bullies they fold almost immediately when you stand up to them.
    If the mob comes for you, your only hope is
    -never apologize
    -never explain
    -never try to justify yourself
    -spit in their face
    -stand your ground.

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    1. Absolutely. The more you cower and apologize, the more they come after you. Trying to explain yourself doesn’t work either.

      Every time I had a confrontation with the diversity apparatchiks around here, I pushed back aggressively. They slink back in no time.


    2. I want to give a rousing cheer to that. But at the same time, I’m deleting my FB account. My husband will be finishing school soon, and looking for a better job. Maybe right now they’re just going after celebrities and academics, but… will it stop before they get down to regular people? They fired that soccer player for his wife’s social media posts. Maybe he should have called them out. Groveling and apologizing didn’t do him any good. Still…


    3. This seems the tried and proven approach. Don’t know why so many people still go on an apology tour knowing it just makes things worse. A whole book was written about it, it’s called “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” by Jon Ronson.


  2. Simply loved this comment on Dreher’s blog:

    “Have you ever stopped to think how privileged we are to live in the 21st Century? A half dozen millennia of civilizations have come and gone before, finally, comes a generation to point out that all preceding has been wrong. Think of the odds!”

    The comment is to a post about an American historian demanding from the government to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson … in Paris. As Rod notes “It takes some cheek to be a professor at the university founded by Jefferson, and to make that demand. It is also a strange way of imposing US culture war fights on other countries.”


  3. Some comments to Rod’s posts are very good and give food for thought. Did you know that “as COVID-19 cases surge in states pushing reopening, the Trump administration asks the Supreme Court to dismantle the Affordable Care Act”?

    A few more interesting (to me) points:

    “Trump gives us the worst of both worlds. He tweets and says inflammatory things, thus further emboldening the radical leftists. Then he does essentially nothing to clamp down on the rioting and destruction.”

    “the message seems to be that Trump is failing, not because of the disastrous Covid-19 response (which is now affecting mainly red states), but because he isn’t forcefully cracking the heads of protesters. While doing so might mollify and energize his base–I can assure you that a majority of the country does NOT want that result”

    “So how do the terrorists and “radicals” end up polling better than [Trump] does? It’s not that people aren’t being told. Maybe most voters actually want the country remade? Maybe they agree about abolishing police? Maybe they’re co-conspirators themselves? But no, Tucker doesn’t suggest that either; he seems to think that Trump could still help himself if he started cracking heads. Meanwhile, or if he doesn’t, the good folks of America will, uh…. support the people whose heads should be cracked? No, I’m aware that doesn’t make any sense. But this is Fox News, so why should it?”

    “I don’t think Tucker really offers any analysis. His role seems to be to display a kind of sulking sadness (not anger) regarding the state of affairs. Maybe that appeals to some (middle aged) people. I think his Waltons type of nostalgia is pretty shallow, just as is his suggestion to call the protesters terrorists. He doesn’t really even attempt to get to the heart of the issues. It’s all emotion. Unfortunately, I think that’s how journalism and social media increasingly work, on both the left and the right.

    I think an earlier post of yours was much more insightful: is there a common good and if not, why not? I think the ‘age of fracture’ (Rodgers) is a historical phenomenon and is not reducible to the rise of the cultural left. Is it really surprising that there’s a lack of social cohesion when markets and market ideology make it difficult for social relations and public standards/norms to exist? Fake conservatives backed the market and the individual and now complain about the lack of social cohesion. Rich.”

    “Trump deserves to lose, and the fact that his populist base (apparently?) believe that these riots are the crisis of our time–not the grotesquely mishandled and ongoing pandemic, not the criminal activity leading to impeachment, not climate change that isn’t even on this administration’s radar, not the attempted desiccation of NATO and other essential alliances, not the economic depression the administration has zero interest in ameliorating, not the potential collapse of our for-profit healthcare system–is part of the reason he deserves to lose. No, none of this matters: masks are a fascist plot, Nikole Hannah-Jones is more dangerous to the republic than Jared Kushner, concern for police brutality that actually kills people is “bloodless moderation” while graffiti on some mediocre public art is the end of civilization, and CHAZ–a bunch of hippies stinking up an abandoned building in Seattle–is an existential threat that should be eliminated by stormtroopers. If Trump loses, he and his base will so richly deserve it.”


    1. I do everything I can to avoid these crazies. But you just have to bring their insanity here. Why? Why? Why do I have to be tortured like this?

      This is needlessly cruel.


  4. I learned a new buzz phrase today (from Inside Higher Ed): “white power colonialism”, which appears to be an alternative to “white supremacy”. LOL.


    1. “white power colonialism”

      Manages to fill v. nicely that huge conceptual gap in woke-speech between “settler colonialism” and “white supremacy” – the English language is just awesome, so absolutely awesome!


  5. An interesting thread on how history is taught in American schools:

    Since this thread is still going, a brief summary of how I recall history being taught in school, lo those many years ago.


    1. Very interesting. So they learn a lot, good. Then why do they come to college with not a trace of any of this knowledge? I’d kill for students who knew 10% of this. Hell, I’d kill for students who know that Hitler died at some vague point in the past and that Jews existed before the Holocaust. Or that they still exist. It feels weird to be the bearer of the amazing news that Jews are still around every semester.


      1. There are college graduates today (in America) who are functionally illiterate and unable to do basic math. What high-school students used to graduate actually knowing exceeds what many college graduates today know.


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