Mueller 2.0

Biden is the second coming of Bob Mueller. Senile, confused, and manipulated by clumsy, ineffective puppeteers.

8 thoughts on “Mueller 2.0”

  1. I think you might be being a bit unkind to Mr. Mueller. Judged on the basis of his testimony to Congress, he is at least capable of completing sentences with actual subjects, objects and verbs rather than offering up world salad fragments.


      1. Honestly, these are such polarizing times I don’t think debates will matter much. If you don’t already know whether you like Trump or not at this point you’ve been living under a rock.


        1. Then I’ve been living under a rock because I need to see how things develop. I detest partisanship and tribalism. I will absolutely vote for whomever will have the balls to stand up to the woke mob. On any level.


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