Not Every Woman

They know he’s not a woman. Because if he were, he’d be held up to an impossible beauty standard and wouldn’t have this mediocre body and these disappointing legs.

9 thoughts on “Not Every Woman”

    1. Female lingerie models have android bodies. And this guy is… just a regular scrawny guy with excessive body hair. Why wasn’t he forced to Brazilian wax himself into oblivion if he’s a woman? Has anybody seen a female model who’s allowed to have a single hair on her legs in a lingerie photo?

      They don’t even believe their own lies.


      1. I’m obviously not the audience for this ad so I don’t understand it.

        It reminds me of the Rocky Horror Picture Show has been around since 1975, but this person doesn’t have makeup on. Trans women, crossdressers and drag queens usually make more effort with their presentation, IME. I guess they’re sending the message they won’t ask eleventy billion questions of their customers when they order lingerie or try it on in their shops?


      1. For real. Even the really-trying ads that have fat ladies still never feature anyone who looks like me. They still have pretty faces, zero body hair, no farmer tans…


        1. …though to be fair, I have run across a couple of small clothing companies that feature normal-looking people in their catalog pictures. Every time I see it done, I am so impressed I have to tell all my friends about it, and bookmark it for the next time I can afford to buy new clothes… mostly because I can look at their pictures, and have a good idea what that dress/blouse/whatever will look like on ME.


          1. Amazon is my favorite. It always puts plus-size swimsuits on starvation-type models. Which doesn’t even look nice because the swimsuits aren’t intended for them.


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