Final Stage

We entered the final stage of reopening on Friday. And this Saturday was the first weekend in weeks that we had no protest in town. Instead, bars are filled with happy young people.

I went to a bar, too. An actual bar! With people!

Unfortunately, when I asked for a port, the waitress (who was incidentally a student of mine) seemed to think I wanted it for bathing and not drinking and brought me a tub of it.

I haven’t been to a bar in such a long time that I completely forgot that in this region every drink is supersized.

Bars and restaurants need to open and we’ll forget about these stupid riots soon enough.

St Louis Under Attack

Goodness, now they are trying to destroy the St Louis statue in St Louis! It’s a beautiful statue, a real work of art. It means a lot and it symbolizes the French history of this area. He’s a grandchild of Alfonso VIII (the Spanish king who won the Navas de Tolosa Battle) and a son of Blanca de Castilla. This is a very important part of Latin heritage on the continent.

I have no idea how removing any trace of the Romance culture from this country serves the goals of diversity. It’s also really really upsetting that, among all the problems that black people in the St Louis area have, it’s a completely innocent statue that’s being singled out.

Biden Has a Slogan

People are completely incapable of noticing that things changed and adjusting their thinking.

Two months ago it absolutely made sense to ridicule Biden for not having a catchy slogan for his campaign. I did if myself and back then I was right.

But now he does have a slogan. It’s the most popular slogan in the country and it’s in every other front yard at zero expense to the Biden campaign. It’s pithy, catchy, memorable and has 100% recognition. Every news channel is doing marketing for it all day long. It has great merchandising, it’s fashionably, and you don’t get fired or persecuted for wearing it.

The slogan is Black Lives Matter.

I think Biden won the branding war at this point.

Equality Is Bad

The California legislature has now voted to strike these words from our state

“The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin.”

I’m speechless.

I remember how in the Soviet Union we… No, actually. In the USSR it was never this blatant. There was at least some effort to pretend that people aren’t treated like total cattle. Probably because people there weren’t total cattle.