Biden Has a Slogan

People are completely incapable of noticing that things changed and adjusting their thinking.

Two months ago it absolutely made sense to ridicule Biden for not having a catchy slogan for his campaign. I did if myself and back then I was right.

But now he does have a slogan. It’s the most popular slogan in the country and it’s in every other front yard at zero expense to the Biden campaign. It’s pithy, catchy, memorable and has 100% recognition. Every news channel is doing marketing for it all day long. It has great merchandising, it’s fashionably, and you don’t get fired or persecuted for wearing it.

The slogan is Black Lives Matter.

I think Biden won the branding war at this point.

37 thoughts on “Biden Has a Slogan”

  1. “The slogan is Black Lives Matter”

    That works for a certain segment of the population…. for another segment it now means riots and looting and mobs coming to get you because of the badthink in your head.
    The question is was this always the plan or things kind of gone wrong….
    Which segment of the population is larger?
    It could win if the democrats are able to create the message “your vote isn’t secret and if you don’t vote we’re gonna come and get you” which is absolutely the direction things are going in…


    1. There are no riots on TV, in newspapers, or on Facebook. And even if people notice, they feel to guilty to have an opinion.

      I drive through our downtown today and there’s a BLM sign in front of every house. It’s scary. 60% of the population in the US sees BLM favorably.


      1. “60% of the population in the US sees BLM favorably”

        Given that BLM are “black” nationalists, will they, in the end, prove to be the gateway drug that legitimizes “white” nationalists?


      2. The fact that they have signs on their lawns does not mean they will vote for Biden. Americans on the whole are very decent people but they are also very attached to their freedom. If you ask them ” Do black lives matter?”, they will answer “But, of course” and it will be a genuine answer. But in November they will answer a different questions: “Would you be willing to give up some of your freedoms to create a privileged group?”. To that they will say “No” for sure.


    2. A lot of people are thinking “oh no, riots and looting!” but they think “we need to elect Biden and end all this nonsense.” This is a real phenomenon, I know these people.


      1. “I know these people”

        I would say they’re idiots who deserve everything coming to them but too many innocent types are going to get hit in the crossfire…. They think Biden can/could/would stop what’s going on? Demented…..


        1. The groups that voted for Trump didn’t get what they voted for. Here they are:

          A) Build the wall crowd. There’s no wall, nothing has been done on birth tourism, nothing has been done on DACA. There’s been some minimal movement on H1Bs and H2Bs this week but that’s it. Trump fired every immigration hawk in the administration and put a globalist instead.

          B) Religious people. They received a gigantic blow last week delivered by Trump’s appointee Gorsuch.

          C) People who hate the PC crowd. The PC crowd has never been as bold and damaging as it is now.

          Three major groups of supporters are completely snubbed, disillusioned and demotivated.

          What’s left? The “Anything but the Dems” narrative? That was what Hillary did in 2016. She ran on “I’m not Trump” and she lost.


          1. “snubbed, disillusioned and demotivated”

            If Trump wasn’t a narcissistic egomaniac, he’d step aside. Any plausible suit not named Trump could beat the word salad that is Biden.


          2. See I don’t think the “vote Biden because he’ll make it stop” crowd overlaps to any significant degree with “disillusioned Trump voters won’t vote for Trump now”.

            He rubber stamped those fantastic wonderful judges that are all under 50 years old! McConnell deserves most the lion’s share of the credit, but I thought Trump voters were extremely happy with everything overall. Hawley’s speech was just playacting, honestly.

            The last Trump voter I talked to had stars in her eyes: everything will be wonderful and the economy will be awesome in January but the evil media is not reporting it. I thought the anti-PC crowd adored Trump. Just look at how the man enrages their ideological enemies by everything from threatening to jail political opponents to breathing! Whether there is less “PC” stuff is secondary to them.

            And really, they’ll tell themselves that Trump valiantly fought for the wall, against the visas and against DACA. People will forgive a lot if they can see that you are fighting. You must be smoking something good if you think they think Stephen Miller is a “globalist.”


            1. Stephen Miller is literally the only vaguely anti-globalist person in the whole administration.

              But I like your positivity. Let’s hope I’m wrong.


          3. “groups that voted for Trump didn’t get what they voted for”

            Of course not, any potential he had to do any of that ended before it began when he decided to make Ivanka and her horrible husband part of the administration….

            And there’s a long cherished tradition in the US of presidents completely failing to deliver what they were elected to do (see Obama for another recent example).


          4. I didn’t vote for him, but still fall into some of those groups:
            A) Didn’t get a wall, but did get noticeable border enforcement. That was a big piece of the pre-covid low unemployment. It was a big deal among
            B) Yeah, that SC decision was monstrous. So much that it may eclipse all the lower-level federal judge appointments. 😦
            C) Not sure. If they win this round, of course, it’s off to the gulags for us. But this– the riots, the covid paranoia– it feels like the death throes of all that. Most normal people are sick of it. Had enough. May not be willing to say it out loud in public yet, but… the left fired off their revolution half-cocked. Now they’re out in the field with no cover, and everybody can see what a nasty, whingeing bunch of power-hungry monsters they are. If the whole movement gets kicked to the curb by November (and I think it could be!), that’s a big victory for the anti-PC crowd.

            Personally, I am waiting for the indictments to start raining down, both for the Flynn debacle and for the riot incitement. If that’s in full swing and going well by November, I’m reasonably happy, and maybe there’s hope we can start pushing back on the religious-freedom front as well. If not… I don’t even want to think about that.


        2. // They think Biden can/could/would stop what’s going on? Demented…..

          Do you expect Trump to stop anything rather than enflame passions further? Just thought about the psychological dimension of rebelling against the (imagined as) domineering father / President. Imagine the second psychological ‘catastrophe’ some protesters will experience if Trump wins. Will losing for the second time calm protests down when a sufficienly large minority has been taking the road of mass hysteria since 2016, got heated up in those recent months and is liable to descend deeper into their unhealthy state if 4 more years of ‘darkness’ become reality ? Will Trump be perceived as a legitimate President for all Americans? Will Democratic governers not join protesters in mourning?

          I think Biden at least has the good side of not acting as a catalyst. He will hardly be perceived as a figure to rebel against: he is on the same political side and frankly doesn’t project sufficient strength to support illusions of rebellion against cruel powers that be. Biden will make some reconciliatory noises, repeat BLM slogans, pledge to hire more diversity officials of color (that are going to be hired anyway) and probably even promise to help blacks in inner cities (a lie).

          Imo, most people in those crowds are not highly motivated. It’s more situational. If students return to colleges, workers – to jobs, and some additional time passes, things may naturally calm down. Already we read “city begins dismantling CHOP.”


          1. The “protesters'” enemy isn’t Trump. They rarely mention him. Their enemy is the nation-state. The “protesters” are a wrecking ball for the nation-state. There can’t be “a good national government” for them.


          2. And Biden is already a catalyst, the catalyst, actually, for this. The riots aren’t happening in response to anything Trump did. They are happening in response to Biden becoming the Democratic nominee.


              1. When Biden started winning one state after another, a bunch of progressive organizers were caught on tape bragging that they will make cities burn. Biden won. Right after Bernie conceded, the same progressive organizers started trying to rev things up. The first two trial balloons – Ahmaud Arbery, the birdwatcher lady – flopped. Then they were finally successful with Floyd. Cities are burning. Interestingly, almost exclusively Democratic cities are burning. The cities controlled by the party establishment that the left wing believes stole the election from their candidate. They are not punishing Republicans. It wasn’t a Republican state senator they beat up earlier this week. They are schooling the Dem party establishment that they feel robbed them of a victory.

                This is not a civil war between Republicans and Democrats. This is a war between two groups of Democrats.


              2. It’s not about the rioters.

                Any place that allows it, can probably have a good riot, given a few provocateurs and a willing crowd. And I think you can find those two ingredients anywhere in America. The necessary condition is local and state authorities telling their police not to interfere, and saying “no” to help from the National Guard. There are plenty of cities here that have had zero riots. In these cities, you will find that the police stepped in immediately, were vigilant, and arrested any protesters. All those angry white college kids who are willing to throw molotov cocktails and pull down statues? They’re still, on some level, worried that a police record will screw up their chances at a good job in a few years. They’re not going to risk it anywhere they might be prosecuted. They know Seattle is safe.

                I hear Providence had some small attempts at rioting, but the state brought the hammer down right away: they immediately called up their National Guard, arrested a boatload of hooligans, and already arraigned them as of June 2. They don’t seem to have had any trouble since.

                Minneapolis, Madison, Seattle, D.C. et al did not have to have riots. Their civic leaders chose to let it happen.

                Why did they do that?


          3. “Will Trump be perceived as a legitimate President for all Americans?”

            No — and that’s what’s created a continuing crisis of legitimacy within American liberal democracy for the last four years.

            The American intelligentsia, its media chattering classes and celebrities, and the Democratic Party leadership cadre, all absolutely refused to accept the peaceful transfer of power following elections that democracies require in order to function. Instead, they did everything they could to undermine and de-legitimize the winner of the 2016 Presidential election.

            Liberal democratic politics establishes rules, institutions, and norms for the peaceful resolution of societal conflict: the current disorder on America’s streets is directly related to the trashing of its democracy’s rules and norms. American democratic life is circling the drain and it’s not clear that any election result will fix the wicked dysfunction that’s been deliberately created.


        3. Not any more of idiots than people who are convinced that reelecting Trump can stop the menace. In fact, probably less of idiots; Trump is in office and we can see that’s not doing jackshit. Biden would be a change, at least.

          I don’t think either group is idiots though, just desperate people trying to convince themselves there is hope. In reality, neither Trump nor Biden will stop this. I think it barely matters who wins in November.


  2. // This is a war between two groups of Democrats.

    Between Bernie supporters and Biden supporters, with Bernie suporters burning cities since their candidate lost?


    1. It’s not as blunt as “Bernie supporters.” There are many Bernie supporters who are lovely people and hate the riots.

      It’s the radical leftist fringe that would have probably found Bernie unsatisfactory, too, had he won.


      1. Meanwhile, plenty of Bernie haters are cheering this on as well (not that they supported Biden in the primary; these are people who liked Warren or Harris.)


  3. Biden has never embraced BLM and never will. He’s been mostly quiet about this whole thing, which is the smart thing to do. He already has the African American vote in the bag, he does not need to do anything else.

    Also, from everything I’ve been reading, Biden seems to be more against BLM and Twitter types than most other candidates. I certainly feel far more confident than I would with Sanders being the nomineed, mainly because Sanders was the progressive’s candidate. Biden is not.

    “Biden’s advisers were often less attentive—and sometimes downright dismissive—of certain obsessions of the social media left. Biden did not discuss white privilege the way Kirsten Gillibrand did. He didn’t endorse reparations or the legalization of marijuana when some of his chief rivals did. He stubbornly insisted that the two most important primary constituencies were political moderates and older working-class African Americans, two groups without much influence online. The Biden campaign’s unspoken primary slogan could have been, “Twitter isn’t real life.”
    ““There is a conversation that’s going on on Twitter that they don’t care about,” one Democratic strategist observed. “They won the primary by ignoring all of that. The Biden campaign does not care about the critical race theory-intersectional left that has taken over places like The New York Times. You can be against chokeholds and not believe in white fragility. You can be for reforming police departments and don’t necessarily have to believe that the United States is irredeemably racist.”

    Biden is not BLM nor a progressive. He simply doesn’t need them.


  4. Respectfully, Trumps polling in aggregate got to about 47% the other day, followed by the media doing everything possible to drag the polls down. That number means that his chances of winning are presently above 90%. After that we have the upcoming debates, where the US president tends to excel. If things stay on this general course, he is practically certain to win.


  5. A Biden presidency may well placate spirits for a while, bringing with it a semblance of reason and equanimity, though it won’t last long. Reading some of the comments above it seems that most readers are convinced that having middle-class, middle-brow, middling people on board will secure a return to safety and a reasonable accommodation among all parties.

    Living outside the US may lead me – dismayed as I am at the destruction of a country that I used to consider a functioning power – to a totally skewed opinion of the events currently taking place there, or else it may give me an edge as a dispassionate observer. Americans are great believers in the concept of democracy as meaning “the results at the ballot box are what counts”, but that is quite a fiction that people who really count go along with since they must not give the impression that they are rocking the boat.

    The reality is, rather, that a democratic society is made up of all the myriads of entities wielding real power, that is to say economic and judicial power. Big companies which can hire and fire, which decide which products to inundate the market with and when and for how long, and their CEOs, and their HR departments dictating hiring policies; university and college presidents, administrators and faculties, who decide whether a sexual encounter was sexual abuse or not, with the power to sanction and expel (usually male) students, who decide that although the best qualified candidate for a position is a white heterosexual male, the job must go to the woefully inadequate and poorly qualified woman of colour/queer non-binary native female/trans identified male (choose your pick) in order to create more “diversity and inclusion” and bring about “equitable outcomes” irrespective of merits (“the tyranny of the meritocracy” – even the Pope has recently denounced it: well he would, wouldn’t he, considering his patently woeful incompetence); judges – accountable to no-one – who at the stroke of the pen have the power to redefine the meaning of reality for you and me by infusing vocabulary – which supposedly they do not own – with new and constantly newly discovered meanings.

    All of the above, and others like them, are the real Masters of Democracy. Whether Biden of Trump wins at the coming election does not matter one wit: BLM have already won. They – and those who think like them, whether consciously and sincerely or not, their champions, allies, sponsors and henchmen – are already where it counts: in the boardrooms and HR departments of countless companies, from the smallest to the largest ones, in college departments and offices, in lawyers’ firms and NGOs and Quangos, in city councils and county clerk’s offices, in police departments, on the councils of profession-regulating bodies, among the players and trainers and chairmen of sport teams and organisations, big and small, among those who are supposed to be the guarantors of the state itself, the military hierarchy from the chiefs of staff down to the lowliest sergeant. What am I saying: among the rank and file of the very clergy who should denounce them instead: priests, pastors, rabbis and ministers of all hues !

    If you think that democracy is decided at the ballot box, think again ! Remember the exit of the mayor of Minneapolis leaving amidst a hostile crowd which he had no doubt deemed supportive and friendly until then but easily turned foe by the BLM demagogue of the moment in a matter of seconds: a poor, haggard, pathetic figure who thought he was safe because he was “a friend of the people”. That was when I was reminded of the wisdom of the ancients: “Auctoritas, non veritas, facit legem”.


    1. Avi, your comment has many good points, but sometimes exaggerates like in this case:

      “although the best qualified candidate for a position is a white heterosexual male, the job must go to the woefully inadequate and poorly qualified woman of colour/queer non-binary native female/trans identified male (choose your pick) in order to create more “diversity and inclusion””

      Nobody is going to give jobs to “woefully inadequate” candidates because of being minority or trans.

      Clarissa has mentioned nepotism and giving jobs to underqualified spouses of academics in some universities but it’s another matter.


      1. You may be right. My speculation comes from reading about men (including white gay men) complaining of being passed over for a job or a promotion by others whose additional qualifications included merely being in the demographic category of choice, but I do not have enough supporting evidence and I stand corrected.


    1. Thought I’ve seen it all but Mitchell Porter’s link was different: “My local bakery has started putting BLM on their bread” with a photo.

      My first thought was “why have they done it? Next everyone will be required to put BLM sign on their food on every McDonald’s package”


      1. Turns out it’s not a real bakery:

        “I personally think that it makes the post different. When I read the title, I thought a prominent business in some city was producing tons of these loaves a day to many different people, not a lady that only does this a little bit on weekends. It’s like saying that an artist has started using their works to support a cause, but the artist is actually an 80 year old lady that paints a picture of some flowers every so often.”

        So far, my favorite part in that thread was discovering was the list of demands of Chanelle Helm, founder and organizer of Black Lives Matter Louisville:

        White people, here are 10 requests from a Black Lives Matter leader


  6. It’s not about slogans. It’s not about personality. It’s not about feelings. It’s about the safety of this country, the improving economy, an awareness of socialist/communist efforts, and about real constitutional freedom.

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      1. This is true. When I’ve talked with intelligent people, I am amazed how some can’t see the forest through the trees. It’s like they’ve been trained to hear “buzz” words, slogans, and propaganda, and vote according to feelings and not actual evidence and reality.

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