Trigger Warning: Canada Day

In anticipation of Canada Day (July 1), Canadian newspapers preface the pictures of the Canadian flag with trigger warnings.

7 thoughts on “Trigger Warning: Canada Day”

  1. This trigger warning is in consideration of the many Canadians who have never gotten over the dishonourable ditching of the Union Jack and Red Ensign in 1965 in favour of that red maple leaf thingy.


  2. Ohhhhhhhh! Thank you Chronicle Herald for not hurting my separatist sensibility! But if I understand well, I still have to play a role in the shaping of this country, right?

    Is it me who is extremely tired or is the second sentence of the warning clumsy and unclear?


  3. Everyone in Canada should think about whether the word “trigger” reminds them of a gun and is therefore a trigger word, followed by telling every nearby journalist, just to see what happens 🙂


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