Mob Update

I only now saw the news and discovered that the mob spent today terrorizing people in residential neighborhoods in St Louis.

If you think it can’t possibly happen to you, you aren’t extremely smart. The mob doesn’t care how sweet and accommodating you think you are.

P.S. Anybody who wants to argue that people in big houses deserve to be terrorized or that it wasn’t really terrorizing is kindly asked to bugger off.

Link of the Night

Matt Taibbi is on a roll these days:

DiAngelo isn’t the first person to make a buck pushing tricked-up pseudo-intellectual horseshit as corporate wisdom, but she might be the first to do it selling Hitlerian race theory.

That’s the perfect definition of DiAngelo’s poisonous racist swill.

Pool Phones

People are so addicted to their phones, they even bring them to the swimming pool at the gym. They swim a little, then they jump out and frantically tap-tap-tap the phones. I don’t bring mine at all because I don’t think humidity is great for it. Nor am I so addicted that I can’t go an hour without it. I am addiction, of course, but not to this degree.

We don’t have any young people there, by the way. It’s an old people gym. I go there because I’m the youngest and the fittest person among the elderly membership. So I roll my eyes and mutter, “Gosh, those elderly and their phones. So annoying.”

Why I Don’t Like Howard Zinn

I can’t go into every instance of Zinn’s dishonesty because life is way too short. But here is one that I constantly run across.

I teach a lot about the pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas, and for me it’s easier to teach students who know nothing at all than the ones who are educated in the Howard-Zinnish model. They are convinced that the indigenous were completely peaceful little tribes that were profoundly feminist and gay friendly. They didn’t even know what violence, rape, or disliking anybody who is different from you was! Then evil Europeans came, and that’s the first time the noble little savages discovered violence and intolerance.

Yeah, I know. That’s my reaction, too.

Of course, this goes all the way back to Rousseau who, in turn, learned this way of narrating history from the Spaniard Las Casas. Rousseau and Las Casas weren’t historians, though. They were trying to achieve political and ideological goals, and history, to them, was simply a story you can modify at will. You can’t teach the fairy-tales of “the noble savage” as history. Unfortunately, nobody informed Zinn about it.

The result is that young people are convinced that the Americas were a paradise where noble savages lived in the state of pristine and sinless humanity until evil Europeans snaked their way in and brought the sins of violence, inequality, cruelty, and domination into this paradise. I swear, this is what is being taught in schools. Things were wonderful, and then Europeans came and made everything horrible.

For the longest time, I kept wondering, where are they getting this from? Then I read Zinn, and it’s all there. Everything is narrated in this good guys vs bad guys vein that appeals to small children and undeveloped, primitive minds.

This is your explanation for why the mobs today deface the Cervantes statue and want to destroy our statue of St Louis. Cervantes, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Junípero Serra, St Louis – they all represent the snake in paradise. In this story of good versus evil, they are the European evil that spoiled the original paradise of the Americas. If you really believe this version of history – and why wouldn’t you if that’s the only thing you are taught? – I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to destroy these statues.

So yes, what is taught matters. And most parents don’t have the time, the energy, or the knowledge to re-teach the school material at home. Nor should anybody expect them to.

And by the way, it’s getting worse. In the years I’ve been a teacher in the US, it’s gotten worse. Students only perk up when they hear the familiar stories of how everything Western or American is evil. It’s getting very hard to get them to listen to anything else.

Link of the Day

A beautiful article on the destruction of statues and symbolic murder by the one of the greatest living US historians. I always recommend him because he is that good.

Howard Zinn and the ignorant but eager bureaucrats who love him have nearly destroyed the teaching of history in this country. But there are still great scholars and Wilfred McClay is one of them.

Real Tragedy

This is the real tragedy of our times:

This is a real group targeted by evil, murderous policies. This is a group nobody wants to stand for.

In the meanwhile, Cuomo, who caused thousands of these deaths, is investigating some kid who went to Florida and then infected 4 other people.