Because It’s Fun

The most annoying thing about the intelligentsia everywhere is the constant efforts to find ideological motivations behind the actions of violent mobs. That mobs beat, torture, destroy, burn, and terrorize simply because they enjoy the process only begins to dawn on members of intelligentsia only when it’s too late to stop mobs.

“But why did they set a homeless man on fire?”

“Because it’s fun!”

“But why did they burn down a black man’s business?”

“Because it’s fun!”

“But why…”

“What are you, stupid? Because it’s fun! By the way, you look like it would be really funny to beat you up.”

2 thoughts on “Because It’s Fun”

  1. “This American Life” had a story years ago about soccer mobs and the reporter came to the conclusion that there’s something seductive about becoming part of an unthinking mass-rage-machine…
    I don’t get it myself but…. yeah, Mobs just wanna have fun….


  2. The mob wants what it has always wanted: bread and circuses. Leftists always seem to forget the circuses. Just hope you aren’t the one thrown to the lions.


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