Morality Test

I also need to mention that if you see two people being bullied by a crowd and your first impulse is to side with the crowd, there’s something not OK with you.

Also, if that were a crowd of Proud Boys crashing a gate to yell abuse and threaten a black couple and this would completely change your feelings about the situation, there’s really something not OK with you.

Think about it.

4 thoughts on “Morality Test”

  1. Inquiring minds might wonder why all the video and images that we are being shown by the media are of the armed couple. There’s nothing that I’ve seen recording the faces of the threatening crowd of harassing bullies and assorted lowlives who are confronting them on their own front lawn.

    In fact, how often are we ever shown the faces of looting rioters as they go about their “mostly peaceful” demonstrating business in the same way that we been shown this couple over and over? Bien mystérieux!


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