Administration vs Union

And again, folks, I don’t want to report it but what can I do if it’s true?

There was a very long webinar today offered by our administration on how we will teach in the next semester. The administration is extremely reasonable and accommodating. There were some people speaking whom I personally dislike but I have to admit they were being very reasonable. The administration is accommodating everybody’s preferences for teaching. You can do online, you can do f2f (face-to-face), you can do masks, you can do shields, nobody is being forced to do anything. It’s all good.

But then we get a mile-long email from the leadership of the union, promising to fight for our right not to teach f2f (even though nobody is being forced or even encouraged to teach f2f) because “our priority is to not die.” That’s a copy-pasted quote.

I’m heavily inclined towards the “administration = bad, union = good” way of thinking but the union has been deranged on this. They are creating insane fear-mongering with the goal of forcing the administration to adopt a model that will make workers redundant. The whole email from the union leadership (which is longer than my life, seriously) is about baseless, ridiculous fear-mongering of the “we are all going to diiiiiieeeee” variety.

What really bugs me about COVID fanatics is that they want everybody else to participate in their insanity. I don’t think anybody should be forced to teach or learn f2f if they are terrified. But they want to force those of us who don’t share their fears to hide at home, too. I don’t get it. What business is it of yours how I do things? The ancient canard about “overwhelmed hospitals” has long been disproven, so what is it? The need to be a killjoy simply because your ridiculous anxiety is keeping you imprisoned in your house?

I don’t have words to describe how tired I am of the “I don’t want to diiieee” crowd. Everybody has mental health struggles but there is no need to unleash them on others.

4 thoughts on “Administration vs Union”

  1. Everyone could use a refresher in how to deal with people who’ve been cooped up half the year and have forgotten to act in public and in classrooms. There are all kinds of people who are paranoid and nuts for different reasons, doom-scrolling through their screens.
    Even if there were no screens, this physical isolation drives people up a wall.

    Your state has been doing well by all measures.


  2. I think the main reason they are allowing this insanity is because they don’t want to have a lawsuit on their hands in case a kid or an employee gets really sick or dies from COVID. It’s the same as with a minor snow fall where I live. Everything closes and people think it’s insane to panic like that over a 1/2 inch of snow, but I sort of see that they don’t want to deal with a shit storm if a kid dies in a car accident going to school because it was required for them to be there.


  3. ” so what is it?”

    My guess would be that it’s about Trump…. maintaining coronaphobia is a type of “resistance” and if it goes away they’re afraid he might somehow get the credit….

    Another possibility is that they’re just lazy fucks who don’t want to actually do their job (I’m sure there are some like that).


  4. Here’s a statement my AAUP advocacy state conference is freaked out about as too radical. It is addressed to legislators and calls for federal and state reinvestment in higher education, given the cost of the COVID.

    And here’s the “Protecting Lives” statement they also hate. It isn’t about not teaching face to face, it’s about maintaining shared governance, not firing the janitors, etc. It does say persons of color are among the most likely to suffer negative impacts of different kinds, which I suspect is the reason for the objection. But it’s not about “we’re going to die” at all.

    I’m disgusted that we can’t even discuss the real issues these statements bring up — people seem to be focused only on, everything is OK because we get to choose where we teach or where we teach from. (I’ll bet some are thinking of teaching from the Florida Keys or similar.)


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