Local Bookstore Censors Books

Left Bank Books removes J.K. Rowling’s books from its shelves | @stltoday https://t.co/0IlMuq7wSG https://t.co/g3YCZjM1le


That’s my favorite local bookstore. And yes, it was always politicized. It’s a wokie bookstore. But this JK Rowling drama isn’t even political. It’s a stupid nothing-burger scandal created by completely ridiculous people.

How is one supposed to support local bookstores when they have started removing books over utterly dumb Twitter spats?

22 thoughts on “Local Bookstore Censors Books”

  1. Reddit recently banned its large and very active radical feminist forum. It wasn’t always to my taste but it was heavily moderated, never anything approaching “hate speech.” Places on the internet where it’s acceptable to openly discuss these topics are becoming more and more scarce.


  2. Left Bank Books decided to remove an easy money maker from their shelves. That’s it. You could still order it from them.

    How is one supposed to support local bookstores when they have started removing books over utterly dumb Twitter spats?
    Were you going to buy any of J.K. Rowling’s books from Left Bank Books? What’s the last book you bought from Left Bank Books instead of Amazon or literally any other place?

    But this JK Rowling drama isn’t even political. It’s a stupid nothing-burger scandal created by completely ridiculous people.
    It’s obviously not “nothing” or apolitical to the owners, one of whom is trans.


    1. Obviously, I haven’t been for a while because of the lockdowns but I was going to go on my next outing in STL, like I always do. Now I won’t and not because I wanted to buy JKR’s books but because they can stuff it with their inane virtue-signaling.


      1. What kind of books do or did you you buy when you go out of your way to support an independent bookstore instead of borrowing them? Or buying them from Amazon and sticking them on your Kindle, which is more convenient?

        I am genuinely curious. You read a ton and you used to do a lot of reviews for Amazon Vine. How do you decide “I’m buying this book from local bookstore instead of from Giant Corp?”


        1. I only ever buy hardcovers from physical, independent bookstores. These are books that I want to keep and they are expensive. Pretty much everything I have in hardcover is from such bookstores.
          Of course, there are specialized stores, such as Spanish bookstores and mystery / crime bookstores. At those places, I buy everything in sight, irrespective of format. 🙂 Unfortunately, Spanish bookstores on this continent only exist in Canada and Mexico. If there were one locally, I’d probably live there.


    2. “It’s obviously not “nothing” or apolitical to the owners”

      Okay, what precise harm to trans individuals can be found in Harry Potter? Why should random comments by the author affect how people enjoy or understand the stories?

      I don’t get it – it’s so primitve – JK Rowlings has contaminated Harry Potter with her badthink

      They have the right to not sell her books or display them and I have the right to think that that is truly astounding in its infantile self-absorption…

      I really would like to know what Mary Douglas would make of this moment in time…


      1. If they want to please a reader constituency, I don’t get why they choose the tiny group of extremely weird people who are upset over JKR’s tweets to the point of being wounded by seeing her books over a much larger group of everybody else. This is a very weird marketing decision.


        1. It has nothing to do with marketing. The owners are some of those weird people who were personally offended because they themselves are LGBT.


          1. They are definitely not lesbians, then, because lesbians HATE this stuff. The biggest campaign right now is to convince lesbians to have sex with men if those men to claim to be women. Obviously, this is extremely annoying to lesbians.

            I haven’t heard of similar issues with gay men but I don’t know any gay men who particularly enjoy the current spectacles of trans madness.


            1. Well, they were lesbians. One is now a trans man and is married to the other women who claims to be attracted to women who transition into men


            2. “the biggest campaign right now is to convince lesbians to have sex with men if those men to claim to be women”

              This has been going on for a few years now and I think some readers here don’t quite get the point of “the cotton ceiling” (as it is called) so I’ll be a bit more blunt.
              The idea is that lesbians who don’t want to be penetrated by the penises of transwomen who have not had (and have no intention of having) “bottom surgery” are horribly transphobic and doing great harm to all of humanity. It’s not quite (yet) to the point where lesbians are expected to great any penis that comes along with enthusiasm (as long as its owner is a transwoman) but it’s not that far off.
              Even the lesbians fighting against this agenda were/are not usually forthcoming with the exact details and it takes a while to put the pieces together and realize that’s what’s going on…


              1. Why is this? I mean, I totally understand why lesbians are against it. But why did the movement turn on lesbians? Is it because they’re (gasp!) biological essentialists?


        2. It’s not about marketing. They’re catering to a constituency of themselves, and if anyone else follows, they’re not fussed. They explain that in their statement. They fully expect to lose money. Not everybody has this beautiful ability to self-compartmentalize.

          I don’t have to self compartmentalize to read Harry Potter, or any of J.K. Rowling’s works so it’s not the same thing.


          1. As grateful as I am to JKR for standing up for feminism, it’s still not enough for me to want to read her books. 🙂

            Wokesterism, though, isn’t anybody’s friend. It’s about narcissistic preening.


      2. If one thinks a baker is obliged to make a cake for gay wedding despite his personal objections, then by the same token the trans book store owner is obliged to keep selling Rowling’s books. This is more about having the right to take a stand, which is only granted to certain groups. The vapid mob lynches some and praises other for the same business decisions.

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        1. “the right to take a stand”

          It’s the childish self-aggrandizement that gets me. They could just quietly withdraw the books which aren’t exactly still bestsellers (I think….) and no one would notice or care. It’s the “oooh we’re so brave and daring” posturing that’s cringe.

          Similarly, I think bakers that don’t want to make cakes for gay weddings is kind are primitive creeps – I just think they should be able to turn down business (pretty much for any reason that primitive creeps have).


  3. Rod Dreher really disappointed today when he called ” the new Orthodox military cathedral that Putin has constructed” – “What an overpowering work of architecture.” And then proceeded:

    “a nation that can build a monument like this to its God and to its greatness is a nation of immense depth and power.

    Could we build anything like this in America? Don’t be absurd. We don’t have the internal strength and imagination to do so. ”


    He knows ” it is dedicated to military might” and it troubles him “a bit”.

    He also knows “there were to be mosaics depicting Stalin and Putin, as well as celebrating the annexation of Crimea.”

    I wanted to leave a comment, but decided I didn’t know enough – unlike you – and couldn’t enlighten him and his readers.


    1. Love Americans but they can never resist making everything about themselves. 🙂

      Any discussion of religion in Russia or Ukraine is so ridiculous and ahistorical that I don’t participate. People need to believe this silliness for some weird purposes of their own, so let them. In Russia they have abortion rates, illegitimacy rates, child abandonment rates, fatherlessness rates, alcoholism and drug addiction (including among the very VERY young) rates, HIV rates, STD rates sexual violence rates, domestic violence rates, incest rates, and criminality of such magnitude that mentioning religion in this context is really silly. (And it’s absolutely as bad in Ukraine, so I’m not being crazy patriotic here).


      1. ““a nation that can build a monument like this to its God and to its greatness is a nation of immense depth and power.”

        • It’s a monument to God only inasmuch as totalitarianism is Russia’s God.


  4. If the bookstore owners really want to get rid of transphobic authors from their store, won’t they have to remove from their shelves most of the books they sell? I mean, most writers who published in the 20th century and earlier are/were probably “transphobic,” especially according to today’s standards.


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