A Reasonable Leftist

The problem with leftists is that they can’t process feedback. Their thinking is a closed loop. No new information gets in. They invariably react with violence when reality doesn’t conform to their schematic understanding of what it should be.

Michael Shellenberger is an exception. He’s the kind of leftist who has spent the last 30 years joining every leftist cause on the planet, participating in every environmental movement, and perking up whenever anybody anywhere on the globe says “socialism.” He’s also an ideological vegetarian. A deeply annoying fellow, in other words.

But Shellenberger has one enormously redeeming quality. He can process new information in a calm and rational way. For instance, he tried persuading farmers in Brazil to join socialist collectives. Farmers refused. Instead of denouncing them as racist, backwards ingrates who need to be forced violently to do as they are told, Shellenberger understood that farmers preferred individual ownership because they had rational reasons that mattered to them and should be respected. When I came across this place in Shellenberger’s new book, I was stunned. This might be the only time in the history of humankind that a leftist didn’t think the people he was trying to help were contemptible rubes who needed to be forced to accept leftist recipes for happiness.

The really great news is that this bizarrely reasonable leftist wrote a book on climate change. It’s titled Apocalypse Never and it’s as calm and reasonable as his interaction with the Brazilian farmers. Shellenberger demonstrates that you can absolutely respect science, understand that climate change is real but also be repelled by the ridiculous whelps of climate hysterics.

In his signature calm tone, Shellenberger demonstrates how, for example, the 2019 bout of global hysteria over the supposed destruction of the Amazon rainforests was engineered for completely economic reasons.

I know I overused the word “calm” in this post but if ever there was a subject that needed some calmness, it’s the environment. It’s a crucial subject yet it’s impossible to discuss because, for some incomprehensible reason, it attracts complete lunatics. And I mean, on both sides of the political spectrum.

This isn’t a review of Shellenberger’s book because I haven’t finished it yet. (It was published yesterday). But I was so overcome by the story about Brazilian farmers that I had to share.

Why NYPD Is Defunded

The only reason why the police in NYC is being defunded is that there’s an urgent need to make things more unlivable for lower income people. There are neighborhoods that haven’t been gentrified yet. Austerity will now be implemented, criminals will be unleashed on the unwanted masses, people will start leaving, and then it will be time to sweep in and take over their neighborhoods.

After each wave of crime-assisted gentrification in NYC, there is a period of clamping down on crime to benefit the expensive new neighborhoods. It goes in waves. Unleash crime => push some people out => occupy their neighborhoods => clamp down on crime.

This will continue until only millionaires and their servants will live in NYC. I have zero interest in living in NYC – an ugly, sad place – so I don’t care. But let’s stop with the “BLM are Marxists” already. The dumbest Marxist in the world would see what’s happening here. This is modern aristocracy, such as it is, that despises icky proles without college degrees and wants to make them go away.

As for “but they call themselves,” the fellow in the Norwegian women’s showers calls himself a woman. So what? It doesn’t mean he is one.

Bad Pool Experience

I’ve really had it with the torture session known locally as children’s swimming lesson. A sadistic mommy sits by the pool stone-faced as a toddler screams, “Mommy! Please! Mommy! Help!” for 40 minutes. We are landlocked for hundreds of miles so it’s not like these children will ever swim. But the poor kids and the innocent strangers who come to the pool to swim and have a relaxing time are forced to suffer through hours of this torture.

Male Entitlement in Norway

For the fans of “I wish we were like Norway,” here is story number one million on how Norway is very uncomfortable for women:

Norway case.

Woman gets sued for harassment by man for questioning his presence in the women’s shower at a fitness centre.

The MAN is represented by Legal Aid for Women, AGAINST the woman, because he claimed he was a woman, and by Norwegian law, that makes him one.


Don’t want dudes prowling around while you shower? Don’t live in Norway.

Of course, we are going in that direction, too, after the recent SCOTUS decision which allows entitled men to argue that keeping them out of women’s showers is “just like” Jim Crow.

What I Hate About Academia

The offices are extremely dusty. Not a spot of cleaning has been done since March. Rubbish bins are filled with old garbage. Not a bit of fresh air penetrates the sealed building where staff workers have been present at work for weeks. I had to use my penchant for criminality and jiggle a lock to open a permanently shut door to let some fresh air in.

But at least the most important thing has been done!

A new sign has been added to the single-stall bathroom on top of the old “unisex bathroom” sign:

Virtue-signaling! Virtue-signaling above all! The sign serves no useful purpose but who cares? It’s all about forcing onto people who simply want to pee the idiotic idea of “many genders.” Want to pee? Subscribe to our insane ideology!