What I Hate About Academia

The offices are extremely dusty. Not a spot of cleaning has been done since March. Rubbish bins are filled with old garbage. Not a bit of fresh air penetrates the sealed building where staff workers have been present at work for weeks. I had to use my penchant for criminality and jiggle a lock to open a permanently shut door to let some fresh air in.

But at least the most important thing has been done!

A new sign has been added to the single-stall bathroom on top of the old “unisex bathroom” sign:

Virtue-signaling! Virtue-signaling above all! The sign serves no useful purpose but who cares? It’s all about forcing onto people who simply want to pee the idiotic idea of “many genders.” Want to pee? Subscribe to our insane ideology!

6 thoughts on “What I Hate About Academia”

      1. According to these nuts, yes! Be sure to count the number of words in each sentence you write, lest you accidentally become a white supremacist!


        1. “count the number of words in each sentence you write”

          I see that nobody counted the words in the comment which I posted above.

          Ah, well, I’m not very good at stand-up comedy even when I try.

          So tell me, when words are hyphenated, do they count as one or two?

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  1. My main problem is, it’s not a restroom, I wouldn’t go in there for a rest, whatever my gender. Neither is it a bathroom, I certainly wouldn’t attempt to take a bath in there. It’s a toilet.


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