Why NYPD Is Defunded

The only reason why the police in NYC is being defunded is that there’s an urgent need to make things more unlivable for lower income people. There are neighborhoods that haven’t been gentrified yet. Austerity will now be implemented, criminals will be unleashed on the unwanted masses, people will start leaving, and then it will be time to sweep in and take over their neighborhoods.

After each wave of crime-assisted gentrification in NYC, there is a period of clamping down on crime to benefit the expensive new neighborhoods. It goes in waves. Unleash crime => push some people out => occupy their neighborhoods => clamp down on crime.

This will continue until only millionaires and their servants will live in NYC. I have zero interest in living in NYC – an ugly, sad place – so I don’t care. But let’s stop with the “BLM are Marxists” already. The dumbest Marxist in the world would see what’s happening here. This is modern aristocracy, such as it is, that despises icky proles without college degrees and wants to make them go away.

As for “but they call themselves,” the fellow in the Norwegian women’s showers calls himself a woman. So what? It doesn’t mean he is one.

4 thoughts on “Why NYPD Is Defunded”

  1. If this is the kinda stuff the Trump 2020 campaign is gonna be putting out, Biden will easily sail to victory. Just a combination of generic Republican platitudes (“cutting red tape, getting government out of the way”) and echoes of outdated 2016 messaging about how he’s a “disruptor” and an “outsider.” America isn’t in the mood for disruption right now.


  2. Like

    1. Teen suicides are off the charts, too. This is a group that’s at no risk from COVID. Yet there are counties that aren’t going to reopen schools in the Fall, no matter how much it harms these kids. And why? Because some teachers are total hysterics.


  3. “The only reason why…”

    I can offer two other reasons:

    1) Taking even some police out of the equation and placing the force on the defensive is is functional for the BLM/Antifa leadership because it makes it easier to create chaos on the streets so as to intimidate and isolate the authorities as well as the general population.

    2) To the extent that defunding means budgetary reallocation, it’s meant to reallocate government salaries from lower middle class cops who lean centre-right to BA/BSW wokester university graduates looking for ‘progressive’ friendly sinecures. Several of the snobbish taunts directed towards the NYC police line by defund demonstrators illustrate perfectly the class conflict at play: “You guys go to clown college for like 26 weeks…” and “You know, a hairdresser has to go to school for longer than you do” and “you can’t even read a f*cking history book”


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