Ghislaine’s Future

Ghislaine Maxwell was finally arrested and charged.

What do you, folks, think? Heart trouble? Accident? Corona? What will it be?

10 thoughts on “Ghislaine’s Future”

  1. “Heart trouble? Accident? Corona? What will it be?”

    I wouldn’t be surprised by anything. Especially if she’s used her time out of the…. limelight making arrangements and coming to an agreement with those who might want to Epstein her. With her whereabouts being unknown it would be simpler for them to just make sure she was never found (or found floating in a bay somewhere).

    Are you familiar with Eric Weinstein? There’s an interesting video where he describes meeting Epstein and immediately thinking something wasn’t…. kosher, Epstein seemed to him to be a “construct”.

    I think Ghislaine was one of the constructors…. (he also mentions that her father’s fortune mysteriously disappeared and then Epstein’s “fortune” somehow appeared….).


  2. Aside: brick layers and cabbies immediately understand this situation – that somebody who can finger the very high ups will get offed – as do people who have lived someplace other than America. Only the extremely coddled products of our finer American institutions could somehow entertain for a moment that something other than a hit is what happened to Epstein, or will happen to this creature. You, and a couple other bloggers I follow who have lived elsewhere of course don’t fall for it.

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    1. If there were any chance this could be made about Trump, we’d hear about Epstein all day long. But if can’t so nobody cares. Except for the normal people who don’t have a huge public presence.


  3. —What will it be?

    Sudden emergence of conscience, leading her to decide that she cannot live with herself… Or so the note will say.


    1. Another suicide, though? They’ve got to be really shameless.

      I’m betting on breathing difficulties as a result of corona. Encourage some corona panic and abolish some jails in the process.


      1. I dunno. Corona’s rapidly becoming passe. I’ll put my dollar on freak accident. If she were a man, I’d have said dispute with cellmate. That’s a tougher sell in a women’s prison.


  4. It may be a naive question, but why did Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and many other influential people kept Epstein’s company? They had to suspect / knew after his first conviction he was a huge criminal; they knew their own social status depended on saving face, not getting ‘dirtied ‘ too much by close friendships with paedophiles. Was Epstein this important? Heard his name for the first time when he was arrested, and wiki didn’t explain what was so important about him that Clintons and others were not careful to keep distance.


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