“Ima Stab You” Kid Gets Cancelled

The “Ima stab you” Harvard chick got fired from Deloitte for her viral video.

Not all PR moves aimed at building a successful personal brand work out. This person’s mistake was that she didn’t look in the mirror before trying to self-promote using BLM. Harvard-Deloitte Asians are considered white-adjacent in the reigning ideology. I don’t like BLM but I think it is grossly inappropriate that she (or somebody like Prince Harry) would self-promote using BLM.

This isn’t about left and right. This is about job wars. People are trying to get advantage in the job market and build careers by strengthening their personal brand. If the personal brand is all about being deeply wounded, there’s always going to be somebody who will best you at this game. I’d prefer it if we all stopped glorifying neurosis and everybody could just calmly go back to work. Including the “Ima stab you” chick.

As for Deloitte, they are a terrible place to work. Total lemmings. Middle management is humiliated by the higher-ups like it’s nobody’s business.

2 thoughts on ““Ima Stab You” Kid Gets Cancelled”

  1. How successful is this “branding” if I only just heard of it?

    Nobody can keep track of all these idiots losing their minds on camera. So she’ll be fine. Maybe I’m irritated because I can’t compete in that way? I’m not a young cute Harvard grad. :p :p :p :p

    This dude has personal branding down: Madison Cawthorn For Congress


    1. You aren’t the target audience. Unless you are upper management at Deloitte, which I don’t think you are because you aren’t a humorless plod.

      And yes, I know people at Deloitte.


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