A Good Saint

At church, we have been divided into rosters to observe social distancing. Rosters take turns attending service on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. At first, the rosters were named after different colors but that’s beyond confusing. I can’t remember colors!

Finally, the priest named rosters after saints. I got St Herman of Alaska. I was glad to get such a wonderful saint. Even thinking about him makes me happy.

But then I realized that I know absolutely nothing about this saint. It’s the word “Alaska” that makes me happy. The weather here is unlivable it’s so hot. Anything to do with Alaska sounds attractive.

6 thoughts on “A Good Saint”

      1. Fun fact, an important consideration in the U.S. decision to purchase Alaska in 1867 was to stick a finger in the eye of Great Britain whose eastern British North American colonies were federating in 1867 to become Canada and were known to have their own plans for westward expansion to the Pacific


        1. I remember being surprised by how little Pacific coast Canada has. I hadn’t realised how far south Alaska extends.


          1. “how little Pacific coast Canada has…”

            We’ll get by, don’t worry – we have 243,000 kilometres of shoreline on three oceans including 25,000 kilometres along the British Columbia coast.


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