New Battle in Job Wars

The NYTimes informs us about the next target of cancellation:

John T. Edge, the director of the Southern Foodways Alliance, is urged to step down after longstanding concerns about his leadership.

This time, though, there are no allegations against the victim, not even of the most ridiculous kind:

No racist images of the sort that led to the recent and speedy exit of Adam Rapoport as the editor in chief of Bon Appétit have surfaced. There are no homophobic texts or reports of sexual harassment. By many accounts, the work around the intersection of race and food that Mr. Edge, 57, has spent 20 years attending to has been crucial.

So what’s the problem, then? The guy never sinned against the ruling dogma, he’s sweet and nice. Why should he get fired?

A chorus of voices is rising, though. Mr. Edge, they say, is a statue that needs to come down.

“I view him as a dear friend and a close ally, but principles don’t mean anything until they cost you something,” said the author Lolis Eric Elie, 57, a founder of the organization who has also written for The New York Times. “And John T. is a man of great principle who may end up paying a great price in this context.”

Say, what? Well, the guy is white. That’s his crime. So, like a statue, he’s got to be smashed.

The rest of the article offers a litany of quotes from eager mediocrities who think the job should be theirs and who won’t rest untill they chase this Edge fellow out of employment. There’s still only one job, so they’ll keep eating each other alive long after he’s gone.

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