Private and Public

Zygmunt Bauman, the greatest philosopher of the early 21 century warned about this 15 years ago. The private will colonize all public spaces until there is no public dimension left to our life.

Bauman was right. It’s now fashionable to expose personal neuroses and all of the suppurating pustules of one’s unhealthy psyche to public view and claim they are evidence of “systemic” or “structural” societal issues. Nobody is a depressive sad sack, a lazy bum, or a shitty date anymore. Everybody’s dysfunction is a result of gigantic societal injustices.

5 thoughts on “Private and Public”

  1. Nothing to add, except to say again how much I appreciated discovering Bauman through this blog. The accuracy of what he wrote around the turn of the century really has been uncanny.

    I keep meaning to order Zuboff but I’d rather get it in paperback.

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    1. People keep saying that social sciences have no capacity to predict anything but that’s untrue. When I first read Bauman in 2002, I thought he was nuts. Twenty years later I’m seeing everything he talked about come true.


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