Happy July 4th!

The fireworks today were amazing. We walked around the neighboring residential areas and saw half a dozen at once at any given time. Klara sang songs about her love of America that she was making up on the spot.

And I also celebrated the twenty-second anniversary of my arrival on this continent.

What a great country this is!

Why Go After Hamilton

Re: the Hamilton debacle. Remember what I said recently. You will be pushed and pushed until they get to something that you can’t possibly denounce. Hamilton has a gigantic number of fans among the leftist classes. That’s why it’s perfect for testing allegiance. Will you be able sincerely to hate the show you used to love?

They go after the things beloved by the left not in spite of but because they are beloved by the left. It’s not a real test of allegiance to ask you to shit on something you don’t care about. The true test is about you destroying something you love to prove you are faithful to the cause.

I haven’t seen the show and have no interest in it. I’m simply explaining why JKRowling gets bashed when some far less leftist authors are perfectly fine and why the Left’s favorite like Hamilton gets bashed.

Next we will see someone like Bernie Sanders get completely destroyed.

Cute Kid Anecdote

“Don’t eat this cherry, mommy,” Klara said, grabbing the last cherry from a plate. “This cherry is a Christian. You wouldn’t want to eat a Christian, would you?”

A bit later, I saw her eating the cherry.

“Turns out this cherry wasn’t very good at being a Christian,” Klara explained.

You’d think we have constant religious discussions in this house but that’s not true. She hasn’t been to church since February. We drive to the church building to bring food for the homeless but I don’t accompany this with religious talk. We simply don’t do this kind of stuff.