Cancelling Walt Whitman

Today’s target of the cancel culture is Walt Whitman. There’s no explanation of what’s wrong with Whitman other than the usual “he’s racist.”

The next step is, of course, to stop teaching his poetry and erase him from the cultural memory.

8 thoughts on “Cancelling Walt Whitman”

  1. All historical depictions of non-white people are excised from the national memory for being “racist.” And now one of America’s most important gay historical figures is cancelled. Both the right and left would clam the animosity is towards “old white men,” but that’s not strictly true.


  2. “Whitman”

    Now it’s entered the mass hysteria phase and will probably get a lot worse before it gets better. Biden will not be able to stop this (despite that being his unspoken message).
    This won’t last much more than a year or so and decades of social and intellectual damage will have been done in the name of….. what exactly? This type of leftist posturing never helps anyone materially (besides a handful of vultures scavenging through the misery).


  3. I don’t know. Now that taking down statues has transitioned from protest to “just a thing that young people have heard they’re supposed to do”, I think that the trend of mindlessly going along with every demand may taper off. I notice that the Dean in that article responded to the petition with a vintage bit of vague administratese about “having a dialog”. Which I suspect means “We’ll talk and committee this to death until you get bored and/or graduate”.

    Also, I notice that they seem to be aggressively pursuing and pressing charges against the people who tried to pull down the Jackson statue last week.

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  4. Speaking of cancelling things, apparently we’re all supposed to hate Hamilton now. Interesting, since every self-identified progressive on the planet was in ecstasies over it less than a year ago. Will people start getting cancelled for the gushing things they wrote about it back when it was still officially woke?


      1. Would you agree that prominent elements of mainstream American culture have de facto been inciting anti-white race war for years?


        1. ” mainstream American culture have de facto been inciting anti-white race war for years”

          The race factor only really operates at the middle class and below and it’s an end to a means and not the goal which is not about race at all, it’s about preventing any kind of class consciousness forming. Maintaining inter-racial hostility in the work place is the entire point of the diversity industrial complex. If Lisa and Gloria are always on edge around each other they’re much less likely to realize they haven’t had a raise in three years….

          Above that it’s all based on keeping up with the latest party talking points (so that people are terrified of saying something positive about something that the PTB have decided is “problematic”). Eventually people stop expressing opinions unless they’ve been pre-vetted.


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