Cute Kid Anecdote

“Don’t eat this cherry, mommy,” Klara said, grabbing the last cherry from a plate. “This cherry is a Christian. You wouldn’t want to eat a Christian, would you?”

A bit later, I saw her eating the cherry.

“Turns out this cherry wasn’t very good at being a Christian,” Klara explained.

You’d think we have constant religious discussions in this house but that’s not true. She hasn’t been to church since February. We drive to the church building to bring food for the homeless but I don’t accompany this with religious talk. We simply don’t do this kind of stuff.

4 thoughts on “Cute Kid Anecdote”

    1. I’m thinking she’s going to be the writer in the family. We aren’t hurting for cherries around here yet she comes up with this inventive plot to get the last cherry away from me.


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