Happy July 4th!

The fireworks today were amazing. We walked around the neighboring residential areas and saw half a dozen at once at any given time. Klara sang songs about her love of America that she was making up on the spot.

And I also celebrated the twenty-second anniversary of my arrival on this continent.

What a great country this is!

One thought on “Happy July 4th!”

  1. “What a great country this is!”

    Well, not many comments to this post, but I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I had the incredible fortune to be born into a country that allowed me to go as far as my individual abilities and effort allowed, and to leave me alone without interfering in my personal freedom along the way as I traveled all over the world — and then when the time came to go home to rest, to keep the substantial gains that I’d accumulated over a lifetime.

    I’d be an ungrateful fool to criticize my country for being imperfect, after the incredible success that its unique constitutional system has granted me.

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