Inventive Sentence Crafting

More pearls of incredible wisdom from our leading journalists:

The president … referred to ‘violent mayhem’ in the streets, even though many of the mass demonstrations have been largely peaceful.

People who still trust WashPo are complete idiots.

8 thoughts on “Inventive Sentence Crafting”

  1. In the bookstore this afternoon the person ahead of me in the checkout line was buying the new book about Epstein’s death. The checkout person joked “We might have a sequel soon!”.

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  2. Btw, have you watched the speech yet? If not, you must. He’s been saying everything we have about totalitarianism, about how it’s an anti-America movement, but infused with the optimism and “can-do-it attitude” that we are both totally incapable of but which is deeply needed right now. He also announced that many statue destroyers have been arrested. I think Tucker Carlson must’ve met with him.

    I truly think that this could be not just a good speech, but a historic speech.


    1. I wasn’t going to watch but then NYTimes intruded on my Twitter feed to inform me the speech was “dark and divisive.” So I had to watch.

      The part about Washington was very good and important. It’s a very needed speech.

      In his place, I’d totally get Tucker to write a stump speech and go with it. That would be really successful.

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    2. This was the first transcript I could find. I have not seen this speech so I make no guarantees to its accuracy. It looks to me to be about 45 minutes long.

      Rod thinks it was good, but “poorly delivered.” Hmm.


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