Kudos to Keisha Lance Bottoms

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is the only Democrat who has had the guts to tell the sainted protesters that they are bringing death and destruction.

“The reality is this, these aren’t police officers shooting people on the streets of Atlanta,” Mayor Bottoms said. “These are members of the community shooting each other – and in this case, it is the worst possible outcome.”

Unfortunately, it has taken a brutal murder of an 8-year-old girl for at least one Democrat to offer a mild criticism of the looting, marauding, violent crowds but at least Bottoms said something. She even hinted that “police brutality” isn’t the greatest cause of violent death among African Americans.

The rest of the Democrats are keeping completely silent on the explosion in murders, shootings, and assaults that accompany the “mostly peaceful” protests.

Raising the Stakes

But wait. The US is giving Canada a run for its money in the complete insanity competition:

Frederick Douglass statue in New York vandalized on anniversary weekend of ‘What to the Slave is the Fourth of July’ speech https://t.co/REdbPe1Bl1 via @usatoday

Come on, Canada. You can still top this.

Canada Rules

I feel weirdly patriotic about this because Canadians completely outdid everybody in woke insanity:

A Montreal production company says it will stop using a French-language casting phrase after a Cree man turned down a gig because of a word deemed offensive used in the file name of his contract... The contract was titled “casting sauvage” — an industry term used to describe what is commonly known in English as an “open call.”

So…. yeah.

Oh, Canada.

In Agreement

The violent Black Power militia demand to ban white people from being in the Black Lives Matter movement and call to create a separate “black nation” inside America with only black people being allowed in.

Sure, dear. That definitely sounds normal 🙄 https://t.co/CC5sZb3V1N

Please watch the video at the link. I totally support the goal of this group to ban white people from the BLM. There’s nothing more annoying than middle-aged white BLMers. I think somebody should do them the kindness of ending this embarrassment.

Electrical News

I’m back from a screen detox day! What’s been going on? Who’s gotten cancelled? What’s gotten destroyed in the fight for… destroying more stuff?

As for my news, I discovered that, in addition to all his other gifts, my husband is a great electrician. I also found out that there’s a lunch box that heats food if you connect it to an electrical outlet. And I also discovered a great Cuban writer I never heard of before. Which is the only news I’ve got today that is not related to electricity.

Wait, though. This author is electrifying! This balances the whole thing out.

What’s your news?

We Suck

Those of us who teach about the history of Latin America have completely and utterly failed at our task judging by the huge exultant crowds that tear down Columbus statues. Our field is dying but that’s because we never managed to transmit anything good about the culture we teach. Out of intellectual infantilism we run around condemning and exposing, triumphantly wagging our fingers and pretending that this is an intellectual and not a psychiatric exercise.

Only the very naive think it’s somehow possible to declare Columbus evil but defend Martí, Borges, Rulfo, or anybody whose very existence was made possible by Columbus.

All that’s being left of our field of knowledge is “border studies” because the only interesting thing about the Hispanic people of the Americas is how fast they can get anglicized.

The toppling of Columbus is about the erasure of “Latin” from America. The taínos who had legitimate grievances against Columbus aren’t here and it’s not their descendants who are crashing the statues. It’s only and always the entitled Anglos whose narcissistic woundedness can’t stand anything not being about them.

It’s my life’s work to bring the wonder of the Hispanic culture to those who are unfamiliar with it. And when I see these ridiculously stupid crowds trashing the Columbus statues, I realize I’m failing. We are all failing. And we totally deserve to be turned into appendages to English departments because philosophically and intellectually we are.

Restaurant Procedure

Restaurants now have this annoying procedure where instead of a menu you get a sheet of paper with a QR code. You are to photograph the code and it is supposed to take you to a menu. This process never works, so after 15 minutes of struggling with the procedure, the waiter ends up bringing an actual menu.

Our restaurants opened for in-door dining on June 26th, and I’ve been to 7 so far. This is more than I usually visit in three months but it’s so exciting to be out again that I can’t stop.