Canada Rules

I feel weirdly patriotic about this because Canadians completely outdid everybody in woke insanity:

A Montreal production company says it will stop using a French-language casting phrase after a Cree man turned down a gig because of a word deemed offensive used in the file name of his contract... The contract was titled “casting sauvage” — an industry term used to describe what is commonly known in English as an “open call.”

So…. yeah.

Oh, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Canada Rules”

  1. “A Montreal production company says it will stop using a French-language casting phrase”

    Isn’t it illegal in Canada for any business to print anything in English unless it also uses French text at least as big as the English font?? 🙂

    Not a joke — that was the law up there, at least as of a few decades ago!


      1. “casting sauvage”

        My questions:

        1) What kind of moron wouldn’t have looked up this phrase on Google before contacting the press? (Answer below)

        And, what kind of even bigger moron would you have to be to actually write up this embarrassing kneeslapper as a news story? (Answer below)

        My answers:

        The “project co-ordinator of Native Harm Reduction Montreal”

        A woke CBC reporter at the woker-than-woke CBC.


        1. That’s a mystery that haunts me constantly. Why is everybody so apologetic when that only makes things worse?

          I’ll never understand it. Were these people never bullied at school so they don’t know how to respond?


  2. “We were very sad that it could impact someone’s life.”

    Fatal mistake…. he should have gone on the offensive: “It’s very regrettable that Mr. Daybe feels the need to openly display his ignorance of Quebecois language and perhaps he will be in a better position to reduce harm if he better understood the local culture.”

    Earlier this year I was on a Quebecois country jag…. wonderful stuff and if I had a lot more time I’d spend even more time with it and I’ve spontaneously decided to link to a song each and every time you devote a post to Quebec…..

    Here the queen of Quebec country music asks the musical question: Les cowboys du Quebec (and while I’m here…. why du? Does Quebec usually get a definite article? Or is it just a local thing?)


  3. Why doesn’t Mr Daybi speak and write in Cree, since he insists so vigorously on his ethnicity? The cheek of teaching others about THEIR own language! The impudence of claiming offence at a perfectly fine term in French because of his thin skin.


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