Raising the Stakes

But wait. The US is giving Canada a run for its money in the complete insanity competition:

Frederick Douglass statue in New York vandalized on anniversary weekend of ‘What to the Slave is the Fourth of July’ speech https://t.co/REdbPe1Bl1 via @usatoday

Come on, Canada. You can still top this.

9 thoughts on “Raising the Stakes”

  1. This is one woman’s brave revolt against neoliberalism. Or regression into toddlerhood. You decide :
    Part 1:

    Part 2:



    1. She’d just been standing outside in the heat too long before entering the store. It got up to 111 degrees here in the beautiful Arizona sunshine today.


      1. Oh yes. They make the absolute best coffee and tea and such, and the people who work there are pretty excited to be back, too.


  2. Honest question: is the vandalism of Douglass’ statue racist backlash or some sort of advanced form of ultra-wokeness?

    I mean, he probably didn’t use gender neutral pronouns. Cancelled!


    1. There are no racists in this country who would be so numerous organized and interested in the process that they’d run around destroying the Douglass statue.

      My guess is Douglass used the word “slave” in the title of his most famous speech. That makes him racist. He also mentioned July 4th. That also makes him racist.

      I’m at this moment witnessing a nervous breakdown experienced by our tenured faculty over a quote from Tocqueville somebody included in an email signature. The quote contained a mild criticism of socialism and people are falling into pieces over it.


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