Restaurant Procedure

Restaurants now have this annoying procedure where instead of a menu you get a sheet of paper with a QR code. You are to photograph the code and it is supposed to take you to a menu. This process never works, so after 15 minutes of struggling with the procedure, the waiter ends up bringing an actual menu.

Our restaurants opened for in-door dining on June 26th, and I’ve been to 7 so far. This is more than I usually visit in three months but it’s so exciting to be out again that I can’t stop.

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Procedure”

  1. “Our restaurants opened for in-door dining on June 26th, and I’ve been to 7 so far.”

    So you’ve been to SEVEN restaurants in TEN days?? That’s basically eating out everyday, just like I did for the first couple of years after retiring from the military, before I decided that it was time to finally learn how to cook.

    Be careful of the calories and the cost with a lifestyle like that!


    1. Relax. She’s unleashing her pent up consumer demand for having waiters and busboys.

      If she isn’t afraid of covid with her preexisting conditions, is she really afraid of the cost and the calories?


  2. Wait, isn’t it a bit classist, to assume everyone has a smartphone in their pocket? Way to signal: “You’re not welcome here, peons…” to those of us who don’t. Ran into this not too long ago with a yuppie natural-foods chain store in town. They had a standard loyalty-card program, but instead of issuing cards or letting you punch in your phone number like everywhere else, you had to scan the store’s app on your smartphone. So basically: no smartphone, no discounts for you! I still shopped there because of the handful of things not available anywhere else in town, but that move made me less sad when corporate axed all the stores in our state.


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