Expensive MOOC

Harvard has gone into a full-on MOOC teaching at full price until next summer. Everything will be delivered online but there will be no tuition discount.

Those poor students have been snookered like few people ever have.


There is an almost complete overlap between the people who wail, “support single mothers!!!” and the people who wail, “keep the schools closed!!!” What the single mothers in question are supposed to do for food if they aren’t allowed to work is a mystery.

Lazy Teachers

Crowds of school teachers lobby to keep schools closed because it’s fun to keep getting paid while doing no work. What I don’t get in this scenario is

A) what are the parents supposed to do? Quit their jobs?

B) where are people’s tax refunds for all the work they did it instead of these lazy teachers?

Nobody expects school teachers to do anything but be glorified baby-sitters but they aren’t even doing that.

Told You So

Years ago I told you, guys, we will lose our welfare in the form of police and free secondary education.

Everybody politely chuckled. Except for the two people who agreed.

And what are we seeing? No schools and no police.

And yes, there are unexpected excuses, COVID and BLM. But who cares? It’s the result that matters and here’s the result. And the funniest part? Crowds of people are begging for this welfare to be withdrawn. Begging, wailing, screaming.

No Difference

There’s absolutely no difference between

A) young kids who see problems in the US and react to them by praising the Cuban revolution and sporting Che Guevara T-shirts


B) retirees who see problems in the US and react to them by praising the Russian and the Chinese authoritarianism and becoming fans of Putin.

I feel compassion for both groups but don’t find either capable of offering valuable discussion partners to me. If you are so abject that you worship the people who exist to spit on you, I shouldn’t be forced to witness the scenes of your self-abasement.