Expensive MOOC

Harvard has gone into a full-on MOOC teaching at full price until next summer. Everything will be delivered online but there will be no tuition discount.

Those poor students have been snookered like few people ever have.

7 thoughts on “Expensive MOOC”

  1. Delivered online MOOC style?

    I’ve irritated someone, they say it’s laziness of students not to want to study online. I’d definitely take the year off, and I don’t think that’s lazy.

    Their response: most college students are part timer people who take a lot of courses online, therefore we should stop resisting and work to make online better, in the interest of the people.

    I say: I’m not saying that shouldn’t be done, by those who are doing it, but this is beside the point — NOT wanting to study online is still legit, and if you want to avoid it and can, I feel you and I support you in doing as you see fit.

    Them: But my college can’t afford to lose students. We might have to close.

    Me: But that doesn’t mean that those who take a year off are lazy — although it does mean, I suppose, that they don’t love the school enough to sacrifice a year’s tuition. I’m sorry.

    SO, ERGO: this whole thing would be a lot easier if there were no tuition, just some lowish fees (so that it costs something, that necessary skin in the game, but not wild amounts). Then, with schools less tuition dependent, this choice by the students would not force them to close. So I am right, once again: we need state and federal reinvestment in HE.


  2. Мы знаем что символизируют скреп(ы)(ки) в сегодняшней России, но в Норвегии 1942 года знак имел совсем другое значение. История о норвежских учителях, фашизме и канцелярских скрепках ставшими “символом несгибаемого духа нации.” (It’s my summary in Russian. Loved this story.)



  3. Wanted to share those new Russian jokes from this collection:

    “Мне этот просроченный Президент не нужен!” – крикнул в магазине слесарь Ивахнюк, и затем 48 часов в КПЗ доказывал, что администратор “Шестёрочки” никак не хотела вернуть деньги за тухлый сыр…

    Доктор, когда закончится эпидемия коронавируса?
    Не знаю, я не интересуюсь политикой.

    В Вашингтоне митингующие никак не могут добраться до Белого дома, потому что у них на пути всё время встречаются магазины.

    Предлагаю закрепить в Конституции понятие традиционной российской семьи — мама и бабушка.


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  4. I don’t know that the Harvard kids in particular are getting snookered. They’ll still be able to put the name “Harvard” on their resumes, and that’s what they’re paying for anyway.

    Off topic, but I was surprised to see that, in an uncharacteristic concession to reality, the Washington Post this morning acknowledged (in a headline even) that shootings in cities have skyrocketed recently. I didn’t bother getting past the paywall to see if they engaged in complicated mental gymnastics to avoid making any connection with the riots. I suppose the fact that Chicago had 87 shooting (17 fatal) just this weekend was too much to ignore.


  5. Students not complaining in a more organized way about distance learning and online learning is beyond me. I am extremely disappointed. I guess they are all looking forward to learning from the safe spaces of their homes?

    Living in a world were everything, everything, everything is open but universities is too much a dystopian vision for me.


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