Lazy Teachers

Crowds of school teachers lobby to keep schools closed because it’s fun to keep getting paid while doing no work. What I don’t get in this scenario is

A) what are the parents supposed to do? Quit their jobs?

B) where are people’s tax refunds for all the work they did it instead of these lazy teachers?

Nobody expects school teachers to do anything but be glorified baby-sitters but they aren’t even doing that.

One thought on “Lazy Teachers”

  1. People are really convinced the only way to do it is to be all online. And all online is still work, so I’m not sure this is laziness.

    I’m also not at all convinced school is just babysitting. And I really don’t see how to cover all angles of all of this all the time.

    It’s a conundrum. I’m one of the fatalistic ones which is not considered caring because it means I see people as expendable. But I don’t. I just don’t see how to cover all the angles.


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