There is an almost complete overlap between the people who wail, “support single mothers!!!” and the people who wail, “keep the schools closed!!!” What the single mothers in question are supposed to do for food if they aren’t allowed to work is a mystery.

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  1. Yep, the media and cable news anchors, for the most part, have completely overlooked the issue of class when discussing the pandemic. It’s as if Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon think that everyone has as much money as they do and can afford to not work for 1/2 year or more.


  2. Found an early example of Surveillance Capitalism:

    “Recent DRM schemes have set up an adversarial relationship between digital-content providers and digital-content consumers, and it’s not only the consumers who are employing sneaky techniques to get the upper hand. Over the years, several controversies involving DRM technology have surfaced.

    In 2005, for instance, Sony BMG distributed select CDs (one estimate puts the number of titles at 20) that led to lawsuits, backtracking and a public-relations nightmare. The problem stemmed from two pieces of software on the CDs: SunnComm’s MediaMax and First4Internet’s Extended Copy Protection (XCP). The incident has raised questions regarding just how far copyright holders are allowed to go to protect their content. In this case, copy protection was the least of people’s concerns.

    In the first place, the MediaMax software doesn’t protect a copyright at all. It tracks users’ activities. Every time someone plays the CD on his or her PC, MediaMax sends a message to the SunnComm server. Sony-BMG can find out who’s listening to the CD and how often they listen to it. And this happens behind the scenes — there are no obvious signs of the activity or disclaimers on the CD. To make matters worse, there’s no easy way to uninstall it.”

    From this (quote excerpted from 6th page):


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    1. Hah, this is why I haven’t bought any Sony products in the past 15 years. Beyond being spyware, the Sony software was also a root kit – basically having the capacity to see/mess with anything you were doing on your computer. Today how often you listen to the cd, tomorrow …whatever upgrade Sony or hackers impersonating Sony decide to push to it. Tremendous security hole and horrible way to treat one’s customers. Sony’s first excuse for this was that the average customer has no idea what a root kit even is (well, the average customer has no idea what Marburg fever is but that doesn’t mean you have to give it to them) and that, in any case, they’re offering a fix patch to uninstall the root kit. What the fix patch actually did was hide the root kit better.


  3. I heard of some university that has prohibited people from caring for children while working remotely. I guess they do mean hire a nanny and COVID-proof them, I don’t know. I say pay unemployment, then. I just don’t know. Maybe the kids can go live in pods of under 10 people, to socialize but keep the virus out. Parents could rotate as the caregivers, to as to see their kids sometimes, but all care would have to be taken so that they, also, weren’t bringing the virus in. I don’t know.


    1. Given that kids don’t get sick from COVID and don’t transmit, it’s kind of easier simply to open the schools. Like everybody in Europe has done. 😉


      1. Are you talking about the American Academy of Pediatrics study from last week? Because if yes, the study was done during school closure, so the kids were unlikely to have met anyone from outside their families anyway (this is something they mention in the study so it’s not just me being an asshole). I’d very much like to believe that kids aren’t a vector and that we can fully reopen the schools (Romania isn’t planning a full reopening even once the next school year starts, in September) but I haven’t really seen anything except small-sample studies with questionable setups saying so, and while I’m aware that small sample studies with questionable setups is all we’ll get for a while, if you have more reliable information I’d love to see it.


        1. Daycares were open throughout the US and Canada flight kids of essential personnel. Meaning doctors and nurses who work with COVID patients. There have been zero outbreaks involving these daycares. Zero. If anybody should have transmitted, it’s these kids. And they didn’t. What does this tell us?


          1. \ Daycares were open throughout the US and Canada … If anybody should have transmitted, it’s these kids.

            When people talk of schools, ages 1-18 seem to be grouped together in the discussions of whether ‘kids’ tramsmit.

            Kindergarteners may not transmit, but high school students surely do.

            If many high school teachers and family members (of students and the personnel) are in the risk group, it should also be a consideration.

            I found info (in Hebrew so don’t link) true for 25 June 2019. Turns out 29.9% of teachers in Jewish Israeli schools are 50+ years old. Additional 29.9% are 40-49 years old.

            My mother is worried and I am worried for her too. Since public transportation is dangerous now, one starts thinking about buying a car. As for entering classes, the Ministry of Education mentioned creating screens / partitions between students and teachers in classrooms. Don’t know what exactly is meant by this.

            Right now we are in the middle of the second wave:

            “Daily virus diagnoses exceed 1,000 for 2nd time in a week
            Death toll, serious cases rise as Israel tackles escalating epidemic
            Two Israelis succumb to COVID-19, raising the nation’s coronavirus fatalities to 338; number of serious patients rises to 89, among them 36 patients on ventilators”

            You talk that diagnoses don’t matter, but numbers of deaths, serious patients and patients on ventilators have sharply risen too in the last week.


            1. Yes, two deaths and 36 people on ventilators in a whole country is a terrifying number. I wonder, how many fatalities do you normally get from the regular flu.

              In the meantime, suicides among teens are exploding because being isolated and spending all their time online is shattering for teens. But who cares. As long as the 50-years-old are spared some worry, then to hell with those kids.


              1. And by the way, compare the numbers of kids who died of COVID and the kids who died because of the overreaction to COVID. Why is nobody talking about this?


              2. // I wonder, how many fatalities do you normally get from the regular flu.

                Via Mike:


              3. Ok, that’s a stupid tweet, sorry. Out of those 120,000 COVID deaths, most weren’t going to live until the end of the year. And the rest of the infectious illnesses kill in all age groups. Several strains of flu are more dangerous to kids than adults.


          2. I’m not that familiar with US COVID data so I apologise for not doing a very detailed search on this, but Colorado (the state I first found outbreak data for – https://covid19.colorado.gov/data/outbreak-data ) has 5 outbreaks out of ~4oo happening at a daycare – I agree with you that this is not much, but it’s not zero either – and since you’re telling me that only essential workers’ daycares stayed open , this is coming from a small number of potential daycares. Also, after opening daycares, my city has had a coronavirus outbreak at a kindergarden – one asymptomatic child came to kindergarden, was diagnosed when a family member started showing symptoms, whole school was tested, all adults were fine but another child in the first one’s group was also positive. So children can transmit coronavirus to others. We’ve also had multiple orphanage outbreaks, some of them, also, with no adults involved – one child is sent to the hospital for an unrelated illness, catches the virus, is sent back to the orphanage and infects the others. So what you’re telling me contradicts multiple outbreak descriptions I’ve read about in my country (with a press that does not do US-style we-re-all-going-to-die histrionics)


            1. I scrolled through that whole list at the link. All I see is nursing homes and assisted living facilites. The two daycares mentioned on the list have posted no positive tests.

              All daycares were open for essential workers. And that’s quite a lot of people, actually.

              That one case of one child you describe – there’s no evidence the child actually transmitted.

              Currently, in this country at least, there’s a plan to doom all school age children to obesity, anxiety, depression and addiction because the 50-year-old teachers are total neurotics. It’s unconscionable.


              1. If you ctrl-f for “child” or filter for setting type = child care center on the linked spreadsheet it’ll be easier than scrolling through the whole list, and you should be able to find the other 3 daycares with positive child tests. Though I agree these are small numbers.

                We seem to be arguing past each other here – if I get it right, your argument is that the damage done to US children is large enough that it’s worth rounding down the small likelihood of transmission from children to zero, whereas my question is that, while I agree that children are less affected and transmit the disease less than adults, I’m not sure what the actual risk is. I know it’s not zero, because the one case of one child I described had none of the second child’s contacts test positive, and because of the orphanage situation, but I don’t know how high above zero is or what my level of uncertainty is. For what it’s worth, my position is open or close the schools county by county depending on the number of new cases per day for the past 14 days – it’s silly to treat schools in New York or Texas the same as schools in your very-quiet area.


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