Told You So

Years ago I told you, guys, we will lose our welfare in the form of police and free secondary education.

Everybody politely chuckled. Except for the two people who agreed.

And what are we seeing? No schools and no police.

And yes, there are unexpected excuses, COVID and BLM. But who cares? It’s the result that matters and here’s the result. And the funniest part? Crowds of people are begging for this welfare to be withdrawn. Begging, wailing, screaming.

10 thoughts on “Told You So”

  1. “It’s the result that matters ”

    Do you think they’ll slow down to… let this change settle (and see how far they can push it) or will they press on to eliminate healthcare (such as it is for many) and pensions next? Pensions seem like a very nation-statey idea and it’s hard for me to imagine that countries like Canada or the UK are even going to keep up the pretense much longer….


    1. Well, you know, Canada has found a really great solution for the problem of the pensions by killing off thousands of people in nursing homes. By complete and utter accident, the province with the most generous welfare provisions was the most badly hit.


          1. “at least Ghislaine Maxwell is still alive”

            Another weird coincidence is that Clinton and Epstein… friend Steve Bing killed himself 10 days before Ghislaine “call me madame” Maxwell was arrested… by jumping off a building…. hmmmmm


            1. On M’lady Ghislaine: I just saw a conspiracy link that suggested that they actually nabbed her some time ago and only announced it recently… and that she’s been singing for her supper which might have something to do with a certain billionaire who inexplicably jumped off a building….
              I don’t know if it’s true but it does sound…. plausible.


      1. I don’t live in Michigan, luckily; our libraries have drive through service and will soon reopen entirely (I think some locations might already be open, but I’m not sure.) Even when closed, I took advantage of their ebook selection. Altogether I made it through fine. Older people without computers or ereaders surely struggled mightily. Even now, the system where you can request a book from any library in Ohio is closed indefinitely, which is very irritating to me.


  2. This is the helicopter parenting unraveling. A bunch of twenty-something morons on Adderall making requests and decisions that are idiotic while the adults do anything to placate them.


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