Help Needed

Dear friends,

If anybody has access to the following book and can scan a few pages and email them to me, I’ll be eternally grateful and will fulfill small requests in return. Or even not so small requests.
M. R. James, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace. What I need are the pages dealing with MS 545, a book of hours belonging to the Lewkenor family, which I think are around pages 747-749.

Pretty please on a parachute with green stripes, as Klara says.

Working without being able to access books is torture.

Office Life Update

Now that I’m working in the office, the plan is to do all the work during the working hours and have normal weekends that are dedicated to nothing but rest. I’m happy to report that I mastered the no-work weekends at once.

On the less positive side, I had my fiscal officer training today. At the end of the training, I answered exactly 100% of the review questions incorrectly. But I did discover that a university has an extremely complex financial system.

Today was day 2 of me working in the office, and so far so good. It’s weird to become an actual working person at my age but it’s a good weird. I will now have “vacation time and sick leave accrue to me.” Isn’t that really cool? Not because I ever hurt for vacation time but because of the official sounding language.

The writing is going well. I did 400 words each day, which is great given that I’m currently writing in Russian and I’m not a good writer in this language.

Mocked by the App

My weather app tells me Thursday is going to be hot and humid, causing me to yell maniacally, “Thursday will be hot and humid? Thursday??? What the fuck do you call whatever we’ve been having since last Wednesday, you stupid motherfucker???”

It’s literally hotter outside right now than in the sauna of my gym. The sauna isn’t very good but still. I walked from the office to the parking lot, and I can barely see because sweat is blinding me and the air is hazy.

Margaret Atwood Joins the Bullies

Margaret Atwood has completely lost it. She has joined the crowds that are hounding JK Rowling and is aggressively arguing that women don’t exist as a biological category.

I’ve always been perplexed with the people who considered her a feminist. Yet the whole premise of her most famous novel falls apart if women aren’t a separate biological category.

You’d think a famous writer who isn’t young and has achieved everything it’s possible to achieve would avoid joining the crowd that sends streams of death and rape threats to another female author. But Atwood has decided that she absolutely needs to participate.

What a disappointment.