Mocked by the App

My weather app tells me Thursday is going to be hot and humid, causing me to yell maniacally, “Thursday will be hot and humid? Thursday??? What the fuck do you call whatever we’ve been having since last Wednesday, you stupid motherfucker???”

It’s literally hotter outside right now than in the sauna of my gym. The sauna isn’t very good but still. I walked from the office to the parking lot, and I can barely see because sweat is blinding me and the air is hazy.

10 thoughts on “Mocked by the App”

  1. “Thursday is going to be hot and humid, causing me to yell maniacally.”

    Serves you right for living in a muggy state like Illinois.

    You should move out West. The humidity in my neighborhood today is only 12%!


    1. I really miss AZ weather. I could be outside at 110 F no problem, as the air was dry and thus cooling by perspiration efficient. But now I live in the Midwest, where these days it’s 80-90 F and 50-70% humidity, and it’s completely unbearable. I can’t breathe!

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        1. Damn. I’m sorry. Stay indoors as much as you can! I’ve had to stop my sanity-preserving daily walks/runs and get on the stupid treadmill because of the weather.


              1. I’ve been going outside at 8-9 pm, right before it gets dark, but now it’s still too hot at that hour. (I stay up till 3 am, so can’t get up at 5. 🙂 )


  2. Do you have sunglasses? I love walking so, to protect oneself from Israeli extremely bright and blinding sunlight, wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses when go outside in summer. It both protects eyes from developing cataracts and helps with heat aspect. Was against wearing sunglasses for years and was at last persuaded and now recommend it to you too.


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