Office Life Update

Now that I’m working in the office, the plan is to do all the work during the working hours and have normal weekends that are dedicated to nothing but rest. I’m happy to report that I mastered the no-work weekends at once.

On the less positive side, I had my fiscal officer training today. At the end of the training, I answered exactly 100% of the review questions incorrectly. But I did discover that a university has an extremely complex financial system.

Today was day 2 of me working in the office, and so far so good. It’s weird to become an actual working person at my age but it’s a good weird. I will now have “vacation time and sick leave accrue to me.” Isn’t that really cool? Not because I ever hurt for vacation time but because of the official sounding language.

The writing is going well. I did 400 words each day, which is great given that I’m currently writing in Russian and I’m not a good writer in this language.

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