Too Primitive

This is comedic gold:

Our propaganda back in the USSR was actually a lot smarter. Because nobody was primitive enough to believe this kind of ridiculousness.

P.S. For the readers of the NYTimes: by ridiculousness I mean the idea that the spike in violence is hard to explain.

Generation Gap

People over 50 (often with serious health conditions) are all eager to teach in person. The healthy 30 to 50 cohort is almost invariably too terrified. Next semester is going to be all gray-haired professors teaching on campus and all the young faculty uploading PowerPoints from home.

I also found that nobody under the age of 50 has any interest in what will happen to our enrollments if we move 75% of teaching online or whether the students want this. For some weird reason, the only professors who ask “but is this what the students want? Has anybody asked the students?” are over the age of 70.

I have been asking students. It’s obviously all anecdotal but 100% of the students I asked are desperate to come back to campus. They all start with, “no offense, profe, and I really liked your course*, but online learning sucks.” They are getting into debt for this education. Shouldn’t somebody at least ask them? We are going 100% on what professors choose but how fair is it to ask the young people to pay for your neuroses?

And before you mention that many professors are older and are at risk, it’s the older ones I can’t keep off campus!

* They are being polite. My teaching sucked something fierce. The worst teaching I’ve ever done.


The refusal to reopen schools is a punishment to lower classes for procreating.

I’m not fretting about this on my own behalf like people keep assuming. Daycares are open but if they close, I can always go back to pretending to teach at full pay (like I did in the spring).

There is a class war going on and it’s ferocious. The working classes are an object of an intense, all-consuming hatred for the upper-middle-class people.

Debate No Debate

Does anybody think there are going to be debates?

Democrats have absolutely nothing to win from the debates. And the moderators simply can’t spend all of the time at the debate asking, “how come your opponent is such a racist, Mr Biden? And how come you are such an anti-racist? Do you both completely denounce racism? And now to a really important point, how do both of you feel about racism? Especially Mr Trump who is an avowed racist? Now let’s talk about the economy. How is it impacted by racism especially given that Mr Trump is a total racist?” They’ll have to ask at least a couple genuine questions.

Child-free Ozarks

The place we tried to book in the Ozarks rejected us because they don’t want people with small children at the resort. I immediately perked up because it’s extremely flattering to be rejected for being “a young mom” at my age. What I don’t understand is who’d want to go to a place with no shopping, no nightlife, and nothing to do except eat, walk and sleep if not families with kids. Before I had Klara I wouldn’t be caught dead at such a place.

It’s ok, though, we found another place. The only problem is that there’s nothing for a hundred miles around I can feed to the extremely sensitive N so I’ll be cooking up a storm. The cabins are gigantic, with two bedrooms and picnic tables for each family. They look a little like the Soviet wood cabins we loved going to and that weren’t bad at all.

We are going to be eaten alive by mosquitoes there, won’t we?