Child-free Ozarks

The place we tried to book in the Ozarks rejected us because they don’t want people with small children at the resort. I immediately perked up because it’s extremely flattering to be rejected for being “a young mom” at my age. What I don’t understand is who’d want to go to a place with no shopping, no nightlife, and nothing to do except eat, walk and sleep if not families with kids. Before I had Klara I wouldn’t be caught dead at such a place.

It’s ok, though, we found another place. The only problem is that there’s nothing for a hundred miles around I can feed to the extremely sensitive N so I’ll be cooking up a storm. The cabins are gigantic, with two bedrooms and picnic tables for each family. They look a little like the Soviet wood cabins we loved going to and that weren’t bad at all.

We are going to be eaten alive by mosquitoes there, won’t we?

3 thoughts on “Child-free Ozarks”

  1. Some people really hate kids and want child-free spaces. I don’t get it, but there is a market for that.

    What corner of the Ozarks did you wind up choosing?


      1. I think lots of us wind up dreaming of far away places and don’t bother to explore the nice things that are close by. I grew up in an absolutely beautiful and didn’t learn to appreciate it until I moved away. The area has since been developed as a bit of a tourist destination. There are all sorts of rental cabins, a winery, and other things for tourists close to my parents house. If you had told 16 year old me that people would pay to go on vacation where I grew up, I never would have believed it.

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