The refusal to reopen schools is a punishment to lower classes for procreating.

I’m not fretting about this on my own behalf like people keep assuming. Daycares are open but if they close, I can always go back to pretending to teach at full pay (like I did in the spring).

There is a class war going on and it’s ferocious. The working classes are an object of an intense, all-consuming hatred for the upper-middle-class people.

2 thoughts on “Punishment”

  1. Good thoughts. It seems like the Kulaks and Peasants (Ukraine/Russia) all over again. It’s a shame the younger generation doesn’t know history to see and reject the trends. I wonder what American Gulags will look like?


  2. I reckon there’s some projection going on there. These are the people who played by the rules and delayed and limited childbearing in order to have a good career and the right social status.

    I see it in my MIL: every time she hears about a church acquaintance having a third-or-higher kid, she MUST, without exception, say something snarky, like “Somebody needs to tell them how that happens!” or “What are they going for, a baseball team?” After our second, she started asking me when my husband would be getting “snipped”. It is totally, embarrassingly, obvious, that she does this because her youthful dreams of a big family and a supportive husband were dashed. But hey, she stayed in the managerial class! She’s too polite to say it outright, but she hates that we have other priorities.


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