New Leftism

For as long as political leftism has existed, it allied itself with the interests of the workers. This was often dishonest, the workers were often shafted and duped but at least lip service was always paid to the cause of the working classes. It was always “proletarians of the world, unite!” not “wealthy entitled dickwads unite to make fun of the proletarians!”

This is why it’s stunning to see very leftist people like Susie Steiner openly mock workers for wanting to have normal working hours and lunch breaks. “Immigrants don’t need lunch breaks! They can work from 4 am to midnight without break! Yes, it’s because they get beaten and brutalized if they don’t but whatever. There won’t be any broccoli for the elites to buy if migrants can’t be dragged in and put to work.”

I’m very aware of all the defects of leftist political movements. I’m also aware of their great achievements. Of those achievements, tolerable working conditions were the most important. And then all of a sudden we see leftists mock 8-hour workday and lunch breaks. I can’t get over this.

8 thoughts on “New Leftism”

  1. “It was always ‘proletarians of the world, unite!’ not ‘wealthy entitled dickwads unite to make fun of the proletarians!'”

    Maybe not exactly always — it’s mid-19th century Marx/Engels who tell proletarians to unite to make revolution because they had nothing to lose but their chains.

    But early 20th century Lenin qualifies this by declaring that the workers had proven that they couldn’t actually make a real revolution without a kick in the pants by intellectuals. Left to themselves, he claimed, workers would only develop trade union consciousness (higher wages and better working conditions). So the workers’ revolution needed to be sparked and led and managed by, guess who, (don’t hold your breath!), intellectuals (like him and his bolshevik buds).

    1960s/70s university-based New Left intellectuals amend Lenin by moving an additional step away from the concerns of actual workers because for them the Leninist ‘vanguard of the proletariat’ parties were 19th century old-fashioned (paleo-marxist) – too authoritarian, too state-centric, and too economistic in their focus on the working class. And so, in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, it’s the New Left that inspires the rebranding of Marxism into identity politics and several other wokester intellectual fashions of the “entitled dickwads.”


    1. Leftists tend to feel very frustrated with workers because for almost 200 years, workers have rejected their recipes for happiness. But at least they used to pretend to be for workers. Now it’s open class war.


  2. The current wokesterism is definitely a descendant of the New Left. But even the New Leftists weren’t as naked in their hatred and contempt for the working class as present day wokesters are.


    1. “naked in their hatred and contempt for the working class as present day wokesters are”

      100% agree… Marx himself wouldn’t be that surprised because of the intelligentsia’s ambiguous petty-bourgeois position between the proletariat and the capitalist classes


      1. Also, this looks like a good place to say it: Lenin was a sick homicidal bastard. Stalin learned all of his tricks from Lenin and people who draw a demarcation line between the two are very ignorant.


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