Can somebody explain why Goya Foods is trending? I buy a lot of Goya for obvious reasons but they were never a Twitter-trendy brand. Are they getting cancelled because Goya wasn’t supportive of trans rights back in the 19th century or something?

Camper Sale

For those who are interested, Camper (the best show company in the universe) has a sale, and they deliver for free in 36 hours.

Camper shoes are beautiful and extremely comfortable even for people with ridiculously sensitive feet. I wear each pair until it actually gets holes in it. I wore Camper through both my pregnancies when my feet expanded like gigantic cushions. The Camper shoes expanded with my feet, and I kept getting compliments on my footwear even as I arrived at the hospital to give birth. Somebody actually told me I was lucky to have feet that don’t swell in pregnancy allowing me to wear pretty shoes.

Yes, they are expensive but they make long walks on sensitive feet possible.

Here are the ones I got today:

I don’t have a commercial relationship with the company or anything. I’m a sincere fan who is grateful for a chance to walk again.

In Praise of Administration

I’ve been Chair for ten days, and I already learned a lot. I will now never ever EVER bitch about the administration ever again. These people are amazing.

In these 10 days, I’ve been in touch with all sorts of administrators in all sorts of offices. After 11 years at this school, this is the first time I’ve heard of their existence. Friends, these people work like absolute animals. Every question, request or suggestion I have is being responded to immediately and very productively.

There are people who contact me of their own free will to say, “I heard you expressed an interest in X to the Associate Dean Y, and here’s what I can do to help.” Everything happens instantly. People constantly follow up to ask if there’s anything else they can do for me. Every wish is met like I’m the only grandchild of a bunch of elderly great-grandparents. I’ve never felt this… heard, I guess, in my life. Or at least since my great-grandparents died.

In academia, everything normally works at a glacial pace. But that’s because it’s professors who are doing things. I’m the only maniac who meets every deadline in advance and does everything on the spot, so I always suffer.

If I didn’t love research like I do, I’d totally be thinking of moving into administration. I’m very inspired by effectiveness and efficiency. And now I’m experiencing a daily orgasm of institutional effectiveness. So far (and yes, it’s only been 10 days but still) there has been not a single stupid request or time-wasting activity.

I now realize that my leisurely vegetation of the past 11 years was made possible by this crowd of individuals working like busy bees to make everything happen. I feel almost abjectly grateful to all these people.

I’m very stunned to be writing these words because I expected the exact opposite. I even meditated to prepare myself for institutional idiocy and steel myself against stupid people wasting my time. But I’m realizing that I’m actually the one who needs to pick up the pace and work faster and think more clearly.

Helping International Students

International students only need one credit hour of f2f (face-to-face) instruction to justify being present on campus. Faculty can offer one-credit seminars on absolutely anything. They won’t get paid, of course, but if you want to help an international student, this is a good way.

Nighttime Adventures

No smart insights this morning because we spent the night in the emergency room. Somebody had a bead drop into her ear. I thought she was fibbing but then I saw a complex structure she put up over her bed at bedtime, and it’s all true. The kid did have a bead fall into her ear.

The ER is back to normal waiting times. A very young woman with a drug overdose was brought in by a couple of bleary-eyed friends. But the medical personnel is very relaxed about mask use to the point where even I got nervous.

The bead is out but I didn’t even get to see my Tucker episode yesterday. Was it good? Has anything else important happened?

And another thing. I don’t know why, but I always arrive at the conclusions different from the majority wherever I am. It’s not contrarianism. When I find out everybody disagrees with me completely, I’m invariably stunned. It’s tiresome not to know how to swim downstream.