Camper Sale

For those who are interested, Camper (the best show company in the universe) has a sale, and they deliver for free in 36 hours.

Camper shoes are beautiful and extremely comfortable even for people with ridiculously sensitive feet. I wear each pair until it actually gets holes in it. I wore Camper through both my pregnancies when my feet expanded like gigantic cushions. The Camper shoes expanded with my feet, and I kept getting compliments on my footwear even as I arrived at the hospital to give birth. Somebody actually told me I was lucky to have feet that don’t swell in pregnancy allowing me to wear pretty shoes.

Yes, they are expensive but they make long walks on sensitive feet possible.

Here are the ones I got today:

I don’t have a commercial relationship with the company or anything. I’m a sincere fan who is grateful for a chance to walk again.

5 thoughts on “Camper Sale”

  1. Saw this and thought that since your husband loves playing computer games, he’ll soon become aware of the woke ideology too. See BAFTA’s new rules for video games:

    For English speakers, the link to the file with rules is here:

    Click to access baftabfidiversitystandardsforgames2021pilot.pdf

    Russian users immediately started asking whether 7% of Nazis in Wolfstein 3D should be “D/deaf and disabled” OR “20% belonging to an under-represented ethnic group.” 🙂


    1. It would be worth it to mention that this rules regarding BAFTA awards nominations and funding. BAFTA isn’t in charge of monitoring the development of every single video game. It’s also specific to UK developers.


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