Can somebody explain why Goya Foods is trending? I buy a lot of Goya for obvious reasons but they were never a Twitter-trendy brand. Are they getting cancelled because Goya wasn’t supportive of trans rights back in the 19th century or something?

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  1. The CEO of Goya was apparently at a press conference and praised Trump’s latest executive order, the Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, which is geared to help Hispanic American students access better education and career resources.

    This is all very weird, since the executive order itself actually seems like a positive thing. But no one can ever speak well of Trump without being cancelled.


  2. Buy their stuff. Don’t buy their stuff. I’ve seen Goya in the chain grocery store but I don’t know if the people who really look for it go to the specialty food stores.

    People can buy or not buy products for any reason, including insane ones.

    Ted Cruz, Goya spokesperson:

    I can’t think of anything more pathetic than conflating your culture and free speech with a prepared food company. But I’ll give it five minutes.


    1. Cuban culture was destroyed, unfortunately. There’s no Cuba left.

      Ukraine is the same. We are so obsessed with the food because there’s nothing else left.

      I’m not commenting on this dust-up. The CEO will be pledging undying support for every Leftist cause to atone for whatever sin he committed within days. But Cuba did have culture. It’s a raw wound.


      1. // Ukraine is the same. We are so obsessed with the food because there’s nothing else left.

        Just saw this:

        Як романтично пахне ковбаса,
        І помідори густо зашарілись,
        А в пляшечці так тихо, мов роса,
        Горілочка домашня причаїлась.

        І сало ніжно зваблює тільцем,
        і хліб наставив загорілу спину.
        Якщо ти млієш, думаючи це –
        Чому ж ти, б…ь, не любиш Україну?!


      2. Cuban culture was destroyed, unfortunately. There’s no Cuba left.

        Ukraine is the same. We are so obsessed with the food because there’s nothing else left.

        Could you comment on why that is? And what you mean by that? And if this is all due to Communism, would you say Russia has no culture either?

        Because I’m pretty sure the tropes most Anglos have in their head are not the same as culture.


    2. The problem of Cruz is that he’s an inconsistent faggot; there’s no cancel culture about boycotting Nike, no cancel culture about boycotting Kaepernick, but this one is.


      1. Goya is a working class brand. It’s cheap, affordable stuff.

        And who’s boycotting Kaepernick or Nike? Nuke boycotts ended the second Nike went woke. And Kaepernick is a mega star. He’ll have statues and textbook mentions in no time.


            1. It makes me nostalgic to remember a time when the left actually paid significant attention to things like sweatshop labor. Now it’s all about who should be fired because they didn’t use the latest approved woke phraseology in a tweet.


              1. I miss that, too! The left had turned into an HR department of an abusive company, at best.

                Also, it’s possible that the educated classes always despised working people. But at least it used to be uncool to express that contempt publicly. Now it’s all the rage.


              2. “the left actually paid significant attention to things like sweatshop labor”

                They completely 1000% lost that battle because most people (including poor people in 3rd world countries) don’t care as long as things are cheaper….
                The woke cancel culture is a booby prize they get to disapprove of a bunch of random normies instead of changing the world…


          1. “Kaepernick was boycotted by NFL teams because of conservatives snowflakes”

            No, he’s a performer who alienated his core audience… a lot like the Dixie Chicks. No one is required to pay attention to the NFL – Kaepernick reminded a lot of NFL fans of that little fact.

            If you want to piss off your core audience in the name of artistic (or some other) authenticity then more power to you! Really! I’m on your side


            1. “I’m on your side”

              oops got posted too soon…

              But if you piss off your core audience and then whine that they’re not paying you anymore then you’re a useless whiner.


              1. “still cancelling though”

                I wouldn’t equate the two. Cancel culture is about targeted mob actions for wrong think (often over sketchy evidence that’s years old). Kaepernick is closer to the Dixie Chicks, a performer who alienated their audience and suffered economic backlash as a result.
                The very big difference is that there’s no reprieve or hope of salvation with cancel culture while performers can and sometimes redeem themselves and are able to put the past behind them.
                Ingrid Bergman was denounced in the US Senate for having a child by a man who she wasn’t married to and a few years later all was forgiven… (similar story with Jane Fonda).
                Has anyone who’s been canceled come back?


  3. Right-wing people were boycotting Nike and blacking out Nike logos or burning the Nike merchandise they already owned over something Nike did that offended them. I think it was bringing sponsorship back to Kappernick. Some of same people on the left who were laughing at the anti-Nike videos from people in MAGA hats don’t see the similarity to boycotting Goya.


    1. Any similarity is destroyed by the class aspect. Throwing away food when food pantries are empty is nothing like destroying an overpriced status symbol footwear.

      Any analogy between a $1 bag of beans and a $150 pair of sneakers I’d a deeply false analogy.


  4. “what’s happening with the election in Poland? ”

    Too close to call… I keep feeling I should write about it but I’m not especially invested…. if Trzaskowski (opposition) wins then there’s some pushback against the regressive neo-PRL (communist)* agenda of PiS and if Duda (spineless puppet) wins then the ruling party gets to own all the dismal economic stats that are about to be released with no one else to blame (they’ll blame other people but it won’t do them much good).

    *In Poland (don’t no about other former communist countries) the louder a politician/party decries the communist period the more closely they want to follow the general organization model thereof.


  5. Goya CEO is not backing down. He probably realizes that most of the people who buy Goya don’t give a shit, and therefore he can afford to stand his ground. Truth be told, I imagine many brands could be “unwoke” without it hurting their bottom line, but maybe I’m wrong. A company that sells cheap staples will definitely not be hurt by this though.


  6. My sister reports that on her last trip to WalMart, she stopped to look at the Goya section, and picked up a couple of things she would not normally buy, “just to try”. She says two other shoppers in the aisle saw her do it, and decided it was a good idea… and that the section was looking a little sparse already. I think that may be a combination of our significant hispanic population seeing the news and deciding to stock up, just in case, and a bunch of regular folks seeing the news and going “well, guess I better buy some, then”.

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      1. Thanks to all this, I have discovered that Goya makes recaíto – a cilantro cooking base. I never saw it at the local grocery stores because we have no boricuas around here. But now that Goya is trending, I keep seeing their product like everywhere. I’m extremely happy that they have recaíto and I can order it.


  7. All we have left is performative consumerism because all consumerism is performative. 🙂

    More targeted Goya commercials:

    P.S. Hard core legume eaters buy dried beans in bulk and use pressure cookers.


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